The Elder Scrolls Now Has A Nightclub. In Malaysia.

It all seems totally unofficial/copyright infringing, of course, but here it is: a recently-opened club in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, called Black Magic, has as its logo the Imperial Seal from the Elder Scrolls series.

The logo was first spotted last month, just after the club had opened. It's not a homage, it's not an approximation, it's literally the game's most iconic logo lifted and plastered atop

While the dragon motif will be in everyone's head from Skyrim, remember it's been used in plenty of other Elder Scrolls games as well. So if you want to call this a Morrowind rip-off, I'm not going to stop you.

Malaysian Club rips-off Skyrim logo [Reddit]


    Not long before the Stromcloacks storm the club.
    What is the penalty for copyright infringement? an arrow in the knee?
    What do they sell instead of space cakes? Sweet rolls?
    I've got an arsenal of these ..

      +1 to you. hahaha. Best arrow to knee joke in a while.

      I hope there's a dubstep remix of Age of Aggression playing there.

      +1 too. Best use of 'arrow to the knee'!! :~D

    Are you sure they're the same? Doesn't look like it to me...

      Not sure if troll or needs glasses ;)

        beat me to it

    Well at least they chose a good logo to rip off of.

      yeah, kinda looks cool as a nightclub logo.
      Wonder what it takes to become a bouncer/guard there?
      .. o wait

        Well the only qualifications is that your not allowed to be a adventurer....

    Went there, the orc bouncer did'nt like my cuffed steel boots and I heard they want 5 septims for a black briar mead-rippoff.

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