The Good Guys Have Already Lost On The Cover Of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Hey there, alien, why so blue? Is it because you've already ingested that squad of marines and have nothing else to play with? You know what'll cheer you up? A little Eiffel 65.

Here's the official box art for Aliens: Colonial Marines, a rather fetching image that's sure to draw the eye, and once the eye is drawn the creepy tongue-with-a-mouth strikes! I figured I'd be nice and share that with you. then counterbalance the nice with this. In your head. All day long.


    After Duke Nukem Forevers coverart I was sure Aliens Colonial Marines would be worse. I mean, it's still a shit cover but nowhere near as bad as what they did to Duke Nukem Forever's coverart..and the game itself which ex-3D Realms employees have publically spoken out against saying Triptych and Gearbox molested it.

      All the 3D Realms employees joined Gearbox...

    A white backdrop? Ok then....i suppose I did see a little white in an Aliens movie once lol
    And yes im aware that its to help it stand out on store shelves blah blah

      Wasn't the only bit of white the vest and nickers riply had in when whe went into stasis?

        I believe Bishop showed a bit of white at some stages.

    If you blink you might think this was the cover of epic Mickey on wii. The cover looks great but the white background seems odd.

    You do not make art for Aliens without H.R.Giger. Blasphemers!

    I don't care if this turns out to be the 'Lego' version! I cannot wait to let rip with my M41A pulse rifle. "LET'S ROCK"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is it just me or does this resemble battlefield 3 box art a little? dude(s) walking towards the screen in typical stance holding guns with lense flares behind them.... ?

    I like it; the oppressive architecture of a damaged Hadley's Hope blends in with the biomechanical structure of the xenomorph.

    Also: "I'm blue if I don't eat i will die, if I don't eat I will die, if I don't eat I will die..."

    Yeah I think that the cover art is wicked.

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