The Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Ends In Chaos

To celebrate the successful press beta weekend for Guild Wars 2, the nice folks at ArenaNet gathered us all together in the main courtyard of Divinity's Reach and killed us over and over again.

The lag was bad enough with somewhere around a hundred members of the press and assorted ArenaNet staff bunched together in one spot. Add a giant or two and things went completely to hell. I crashed right after the giant killed me the first time, logged back in, and then crashed again. Somehow I was able to capture this video before my machine attempted to explode.


    The lag isn't promising for us Oceanic players :(

      Did you even read the video description?

      World of Warcraft is the same. I never have connection issues, I raid and pvp and I never get lag as the result of a connection problem. Two days ago however, on Frostmourne, this douche named Daish decides to organise 6 x 40 man raids to destroy Orgrimmar.... I crashed twice and then spent half an hour spamming my explosive shot button on targets that had died 10 minutes ago.

      TLDR - WoW has been around for 6+ years and still doesn't have servers strong enough to handle 100+ people in one area.

    Not to be a douche. But what system specs are you running? When I played wow I've done 200 man raids on capital cities and besides the fact that the server wants to die, I get zero video lag, just connection lag off and on. I counted like 40 press people having a blast, maybe your rig is sub par compared to theirs?

    Either way, it was a funny video, and thanks for sharing as always.

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