The Guild Wars 2 Charr Character Intro, Unintentional Commentary Edition

Once I finished recording the voiceover character creation video for my Guild Wars 2 beta article that ran this morning, I turned off my microphone to capture the story the game generated based on the decisions I made while building my Charr thief.

Or I thought I turned off my microphone.

I stopped the clip, dropped it into Corel for processing, uploaded it, and discovered I had recorded two minutes of me amusing myself.

Not like that.

I have a tendency to talk to myself when I'm left on my own, and with Emily and the boys in Florida visiting an old person (they store them there, apparently), I was in the midst of several days of having no one to chat with. So I talked to the game. Apparently I called my character Darkwing Duck, created the Felt Legion, and started up an episode of Law and Order: Tyria in the process.

The fun part? I don't remember saying any of this. My wife tells me I talk in my sleep. I guess sometimes I sleep in my talk as well.

Mind the volume difference between the game and my inane chatter. Thank goodness for subtitles.


    I hope you have hours of footage you have not uploaded yet...

      Doubt it, I assume they were on pretty strict agreements about what they could and could not show to the public, and add that to the fact that he was already claiming that GW2 was lagging the hell out of his "powerful desktop", sans bulky screencasting programs, and I think the 20~ minutes is all you're going to see. Sorry to crush your dreams :P

        From what I have heard and seen in many other vids this morning there was no limit to what could be shown, just were not allowed to show anything till a specific time.
        Just got done watching a 4 part 70 minute vid of the Norn zone. But fair enough, bit of a waste imo a news site having a weekend at such a highly anticipated game and only showing 17 min of their own footage.
        Anyway BlueXephos on YT is what I was watching. Worth looking at.

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