The iPhone's Pokémon Is Gone. Here's How To Get Your Money Back.

Despite the fact we warned you, the lure of playing Pokémon Yellow on an iPhone proved too much for many, who sent the scam to second spot on Apple's App Store charts.

Well, it's gone now. And thousands of people paid $US0.99 for something that shows a title screen and then crashes.

If that's you, and you feel your $US0.99 could have been better spent elsewhere, Gizmodo has a very helpful guide up on how to get a refund from a busted App Store purchase.

How to Get a Refund from the App Store [Gizmodo]


    Im gonna go with what the people on the US article were saying, and if you spent money on this, you don't deserve your money back. Unless you were the first person to buy it (and hence no reviews), but even then.
    And even IF you were somehow justified, seriously? A refund on a $1???

      I can't believe so many people fell for it, but at the same time I guess I'm not really too surprised...

      What's the deal with Apple, too? When they reviewed the app before releasing it, were they not bothered with the fact that it crashed upon start up? Forget the blatant copyright infringement, but many apps before this have been denied a release based on much less than instantly crashing.

      Someone being gullible doesn't make it alright to scam them.

        I actually disagree with that 100%. I personally think that con-artists should be able to use a defense of "they should have known better". This wouldn't let people who profess expertise to take advantage of the ignorant, but in a case like this where a little thought would clearly reveal a hoax, I'm all for the scammers getting to keep the cash.

          And this attitude is exactly what is wrong with society today. I predict a Gen-Y live-at-home or a used-car salesman...

            And I predict you are a baby boomer and you are scared of how the world has changed. like all of your idiotic generation.

              Good try adam - oh wait, no it wasn't...
              My point is that the exploitation of people with lesser knowlege is never ok. Those that think it's ok is why we have Monster cables at HN. A fair go for all.
              I find it people who assume that everyone should have at least their knowlege in a niche are those that have little social identity.

                While I disagree that this is what is 'wrong with society today', I agree that the sentiment that people who are conned "should have known better".

                If you set out to deceive in order to make money, you're taking money under false pretenses, no matter how obvious the scam may appear to outsiders or in hindsight.

                And can we quit this generation fighting? Baby boomers aren't universally mad right wing religious nutters who hate everybody and Generation Y aren't all selfish, rude, impudent children.

                "This wouldn’t let people who profess expertise to take advantage of the ignorant, but in a case like this where a little thought would clearly reveal a hoax"
                Say an old person gives all of their life savings in a scam e-mail because they're trustworthy, as has happened many a time before. Are you saying it is entirely /their fault/ that they were scammed?

          You are an idiot.

        But in this case, with so many negative reviews warning its a scam, and the fact its a game that's only ever on a nintendo platform ON something non-nintendo, what do you need to do to tell people to not give the scammers their money??
        Some people will blindly fall for a scam no matter how much people tell them otherwise... And there comes a point where you just have to give up convincing them otherwise and let them learn the hard way.
        In this case, its only a freakin' $1...

    Sounds like 'Top Best Adult Entertainment' on the Android market. Serial scammers that keep releasing games, people keep buying them, and people keep complaining. At least with Android if you uninstall it within 15 minutes you get your money back.

    Correction Luke.... It actually shot to Number 1 when i checked it.

    Anyone pick up that the screenshot on it is actually from pokemon gold/silver?

      Actually, FireRed/LeafGreen, I believe. At least the one about the "pokemon adventure about to unfold"

        All the screenshots were from GBA Pokemon. Gold/Silver had nothing to do with it.

    Hhmmm... it's obviously not official and if thousands of people wanted it that badly, they'd just bootleg it anyway. There are dozens of decent emulators on Android and for jail broken iPhones.

    I was too excited to read the reviews.... *sigh*
    Its only $1... But the disappointment the game doesn't exist is more..

      It never existed. It was a scam.

        .....yes... and that is dissapointing


    See Nintendo, this is why Mobile Platforms is huge opportunity you are not using.

      Yes release a Pokemon game at 99c and sell millions or release it at $60 and sell millions plus millions in console sales......

      Very smart decision to be made there, emulate your Own device on a Rival's, including a top-selling game for only a Dollar. True genius.

      No, not really.

    Facepalming so hard right now.

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