The Kalashnikov Rifle Is Getting An Upgrade

The Russian government will spend part of a $US690 billion military improvement budget on introducing a new model of its Kalashnikov rifles, known more commonly as AK-47s and one of the most common weapons in the real world and video games. (See Call of Duty, among many others.)

"We are planning deep modernisation of the Kalashnikov assault rifle," Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in an address to parliament quoted by the Reuters news agency. "This will be a weapon with detachable equipment, such as an optical sight and a lamp."

No images were available. Russian military upgrades, including those of this famous and notorious rifle, are due by 2020. The original AK-47 was designed in the 1940s.

War video game creators, take note.

Russia to modernize iconic Kalashnikov rifle [Reuters]

Top photo: Matt McClain/Getty Images


    So not the Ak-12 then?

      Yes, it's the AK-12

    No, pretty sure its the AK-12.

    How much of that $US690 billion goes to fancy weapons and how much goes to building a functioning NCO Cadre...

    Oh Russia, you silly.


    Someone please tell Kotaku that they've been upgrading the AK-47 for the last 60+ years.


    Just to mention a few.


    "At Kotaku Australia, we’re carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture."

    Next time you will see an article about boots, because they are featured in The Sims.

    AK570z by Communist Nissan with detachable turbo and lasers

    "The Russian government will spend part of a $US690 billion military improvement budget"

    Now, just imagine if they had that kind of budget to fix the problems in it's country and generally improve everyone's way of life.

    Nah, fuck that. Lets build some guns instead.

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