The Laziest Box Art In Video Game History

I have a fetish for old Sega Master System box art. If I could have that pattern made into a tablecloth, curtains and bedsheets, I would, and when my wife complained, I would just stare at her, like what is wrong this stuff is perfect.

Some of my favourites from the system, though, are also widely considered some of its worst examples.

The 1986 horror game Ghost House should have been notable for the fact it was one of the few titles released on Sega's ill-fated Sega Card format, but it's remembered more for its box art. Ditto for Teddy Boy, My Hero, Super Tennis or any other game released on the short-lived medium.

Isn't it amazing? The nerve of them. I don't know if it even qualifies as box art, since there's no box art to speak of. Just a shot of the card art, the standard Master System template and some text.

As a lover of fine box art, I should hate this, but...I love it. It's so brazen. I like to think the over-worked developers of these games all got together around 1986 and just sighed, cigarettes in hand, took a few photos of their carts, slapped some text on them, sent them to the printers and hoped nobody in management noticed.

And they got away with it.

The Sega Card was a neat little format used on both Master System consoles and Sega's older SG-1000 machine, a console so awesome I'm going to have to write all about it tomorrow.


    I have all three of those games

    They're photoshopped though (or whatever existed). They didn't take a photo for every single game.

    Which kinda makes it more lazy..

    what was that robot one, Z-Robot? or summat?

    ...but those lines are soooo straight!

    I have Ghost House on cartridge! classic games.

    Congratulations Luke, more than one sentence, very impressive.

      Seriously, just write his manager an email in complaint and be done with it.

      Wah, I hate Luke, Wah I hate Bashcraft.
      Wah, I hate the consistency of people bitching them out all the time well knowing that nothing is going to change.

      Agreed. The irony of a nothing article written about lazy cover designers. Its pretty lame. Just trying to reach a weekly quota???

        Or kind of interesting if you're not an internet douchebag full-time.

    They did this with most games that were previously released on the Sega cards, but that didn't stop them making totally original lazy boxart.
    Black Belt is probably the worst offender

    But there was some effort. Wonder Boy 2 and 3 for example, along with most of the Disney games.

      Tomorrow's Remember this :P

    Man did I love me some Teddy Boy when I was five.

    Funny, I had a Sega Master System 1 and never once found a Sega card copy of a game.

    I loved the Master System box art, and I don't actually mind these. Sure they are bland but they identify as being the game card version. I like the minimal look, better than some of the cluttered BS that is released today.

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