The Least Offensive Video Game Shoes Ever

When I was in my 20s I used to wear a fair amount of video game t-shirts. Now I'm 30, I've decided to replace them with lumberjack shirts... for the rest of time. But if anything could tempt me back to my 'look at me I like video games' clothing habits, it would most likely be these new Converse sneakers.

I don't know — they just seem... subtle. But also quite smart. I find that most video game related clothing can be a little bit garish, but this takes the whole Converse style and integrates the video game theme quite nicely.

The star fits in with the whole Converse One Star thing, and Mario is just sort of hanging in the back, minding his own business.

These sneakers are being released in Japan in select Converse store this March. Here's hoping they decide to bring them to overseas markets.

Converse One Star Super Mario Bros combines geek and retro style [EFTM]


    I'm in my 30's and still wear video game t-shirts...


      I still wear mine when I exercise!

        Whoa, as I clicked on this page the fashion adverts on the side turned to video-game shirts, then to Chucks. Well played Shopstyle.

      I've never had a videogame shirt, nor come across the opportunity to actually covet one :( Now I fear the time has passed where I could wear one out in public

      I'm 49 and I still wear my GITS SAC t-shirt.

      You just have to know what you like and not care what people think about it.
      Secret to happiness right there people.

      Look at it!

      Now look back at me.
      Now look at the secret again.
      It isn't a secret anymore.
      Look at the sky! Sneeze!
      QUICK! Before anyone else gets it look back at the recently secret, secret of happiness and read it again.

      Now your happy.
      Don't thank me.
      I know how you feel.
      You feel warm and slightly squishy with a caramel center.
      Now go.

      .... and be happy.

    I hate shoes. The ones I want to wear never get made in a size 15

      Yeah, man. I have a similar problem, though I find any thing cool just looks like clown shoes on my lumbering oaf feet any way. :P

    I <3 my Mario shoes. These aren't as good but I still want a pair.

    I saw the best pair of Mario chucks in Thailand, but they were for display only. That, and I was told by a store clerk "Good luck finding anything above size 8 in Bangkok!" :(

    *echoes* "For the rest of time for the rest of time for the rest of time." D:

    What you need to do is convince somebody to make a lumberjack game, then your preferred lumberjack shirts will also be gaming-related.

      Alan Wake's dressed like one in American Nightmare. There you go. Enjoy! :P

      Oh, here you go...

    I still like the Chuck Taylors more because, well, they're CHUCK TAYLORS.

      agreed, but this are still pretty swish.

    If I rocked up to work in those I'd get rolled for them by the other geeks.

    I wear 1UP and Super Mushroom cufflinks nearly every day. I have Zelda shield ones now and love them

    If these arent too pricey, I may import a pair. They look great!

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