The NES Zapper Becomes A Transformer. A Bright, Orange Megatron.

New York LEGO builder Baron von Brunk has done something I'm surprised it's taken decades for someone to do: take Transformers villain Megatron as inspiration and build a transforming NES Zapper.

Christening his Nintendo-themed Transformer Plasmashock, von Brunk provides instructions on how the robot was created and how it transforms, before pledging to do a similar project involving an actual NES, which "transforms into a giant robot, much akin to Metroplex and/or Fortress Maximus!"

Yes. Please.

Plasmashock: Heroic Nintendobot - Transforms from NES Zapper Pistol to robot & back! [Baron von Brunk]


    Congratulations to that guy...

    It may be an orange gun, but a NES controller it ain't.

    I'm an AFOL, and any cool LEGO innovations are always welcome.

    On the appropriate blogs. Nice work, Kerplunkett.

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