The New Brain Age Features A Satanic Doctor

The New Brain Age Features A Satanic Doctor

If you thought Brain Age was easy, get ready for Nintendo’s new spin on the series: Oni Tore (鬼トレ) or “Demon Training”.

The game aims to increase player’s concentration and working memory, and it features an ogre Dr Ryuta Kawashima, and attempts to push players as they exercise their brains.

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the game challenges players and attempts to walk the line of being hard, while not being frustrating.

At a later date, Nintendo is expected to share more details about Oni Tore as well give the game’s final title.


  • Demon in Japan doesn’t carry the same exact ‘meaning’ as it does in most western countries… if they go international with this they’re going to have to rename it, right? Last thing I need is to see a local news station harping on about how Nintendo is ‘converting your children to Satanism’ 😛

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