The New Xbox 360 SKU Is White -- This Means It's For The Family

If Nintendo has taught us anything about colours and consoles it is this: white is for family, pink is for girls, black is for hardcore gamers and red is for... um. Mario. Microsoft has learned those lessons well. Today they've shipped a new SKU of the 360 for the family, and it's white. Makes sense.

The console costs $399.95 and comes with a white Kinect, Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, and a three month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold.

It's white. This means it is for the family.

According to Microsoft this console has shipped today, and will most likely be in stores tomorrow, for all of you who don't already have an Xbox 360 (which I'm guessing is none of you). We received some early tips about this SKU from some retailers, so we think some stores may actually already have the console early.

Apparently this white Xbox 360 is a 'while stocks last thing'. Which is most likely code for 'please everyone rush out and buy this thing now'. Still, it's white — and if you have a family it's undoubtedly the colour for you!


    "The console costs $399.95" For a 4GB console? That sounds like a rip off to me.

      that's with Kinect and 2 games, so it's a good bundle price, but probably sitll a rip-off.

        Well invidually you're looking at about $500 worth of stock. Bundled its nice. But not what I'm looking for in a console. I'd rather just shell out $400 for a 250GB console and use that.

          B-but..this one is white! WHITE!

        I get that the Kinect and its 2 "tech demos" are the point of the bundle but really a 4gb HDD in this day and age is well ridiculous. Taking XBL titles out of it, just game updates would start pushing the 4gb pretty quick.

        Then again this is probably directed at shoppers that wont connect it online and will probably only buy this and another 2 games, and only turn it on twice a year.

          It's not even a HDD but in fact 4GB of Flash Memory which does impact on Games that Require a "Hard Drive" (like Halo Reach or BF3)

    I have never understood why some people go crazy for coloured consoles. I'll admit id prefer mine to be black to blend in with well.....everything else i own, but i certainly wouldn't go out of my way, or wait to purchase just to get a specific colour.

    All that said, this bundle does look good for the family.

      Eh, I just find it reminds me of the original 360, but minus all the heatsink issues.

      So white also fits in well for those who enjoyed the aesthetics of the first release. I like it. Shame it's 4GB and comes with shovelware (the Kinect stuff)

    umm black is for passive hardcore players and red is more of aggressive hardcore players. that is just my opinion

      What about the gears of war console, its black and red ;) ?

    That's a raci... a racingly good deal. I'm already rushing to the store :-)

    Does it come with one of those stupid 'my family' stickers ever wanker has on the back of their car nowdays?

      Yes, but since the sticker is also white it just sort of blends in and makes it harder to detect that the owner is the sort of person who has a "magic happens" bumper sticker and believes homeopathy is real medicine.

    White aint for me, though id never buy anything Xbox myself anyway

      What if they released a commemorative Metallica Xbox 360?

    Now they return in WHITE? Sheesss.... So much for all the hassles changing to black before.

    But their initial console was white, and that was before the wii...

      Does this mean that the RROD might return? Microsoft did have most of their issues with the white consoles. MIND BLOWN!!

    Obviously the people who think that white is for families need to be fired.
    White is never a great idea if you have kids. Pretty soon it'll be grey, and then possibly brown.


    last years xbox360 r2d2 edition... with the first white kinnect bar, is no longer the first white kinnect bar?

    Do we know if there is a stand alone 4gb console in white? I'd consider geting one of them??

    i bought a 4gig black console foe $148 at a JB sale, put a 250gig HDD in it, and sold it on ebay for $250+, $399.95 for a 4g white one is a little extreme... even with a kinect...

    Actually another question, what sort of finish does the console have?
    Is it a matt white or glossy white?

      From the picture I would have to guess gloss.

    I got the same deal from jb a while back. Such a good price.
    All my fav consoles were white (greyish) once; snes, psx, dreamcast, 360. Great colour (non colour) in my opinion.

    simple marketing ideas often work out. Just take a look in any major supermarket these days. certain Items are placed/coloured for each "type" of shopper.

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