The Next Medal Of Honor Gets A Name, Won't Have Multiplayer By Battlefield 3

Your return to the role of a Tier 1 Operator will be in a game called Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Game Informer's website, citing the latest issue of Offical Xbox Magazine, is reporting that the heavily hinted-at sequel will once again be made by EA's Danger Close studio.

They'll also be handling the multiplayer portions of Warfighter, unlike the last Medal of Honor game where the online component was handled by DICE.

Warfighter will use the DICE-developed Frostbite 2.0 engine, which has been used for last year's Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed The Run. More details can be found in the print edition of Offical Xbox Magazine.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed [Game Informer]


    Here's to hoping that Danger Close doesn't piss on the graves of dead Afghan and British troops or insult living Afghan, British and Australian troops this time. For that matter, let's hope they actually honour American troops this time by showing what it's really like for them and how difficult telling friend from for is.

    Yeah, I don't really think any of that is going to happen, but one can dream, right?

    I'd love a MOH game closer to the ps1 original, especially the undercover sections. Very intense! But Im pretty sure this will just be EA's 2012 attempt at the Cod title.....

      Man, those undercover sections were great. That game was so awesome for a PS1 fps, apart from getting stuck on walls. It's a shame these games feel the need to compete with CoD. We just end up with generic crap (like CoD).

    This new MoH has been reported that it will use the Frostbite 2.0 engine (BF3) and Danger Close will also be doing the Multiplayer side themselves as well. This is good news because the UnReal engine of the last MoH game was crap.

    Bring back the days where my FPS character is just another jar head in a big army. Getting a tad bored of every game being the only one sent to save the world...again

    Just as long as my beard has an offensive capability i'll be happy with whatever they come up with.

    Looking forward to this, hopefully try do CoD better than CoD does, MW3 is a huge disappointment (expected, but still..)

    I'm glad they're trying again, despite the bad feedback from MoH. As long as they learn from that feedback, it could be great. I was really looking forward to MoH but never played it because I was warned off it by the internet hive mind.

    And it will comtain the oline pass.

    I liked the first MOH reboot. Thought it was different, did some things really well.

    However naming its sequel - warfighter? Is that not the most redundant title name for a shooter? Whats next - Grand Theft Auto - Car Stealer?

      Don't be absurd. It's actually the most logical name because he fights in a war!

    This is very clever on EA's part. By making A medal of honour game and a Battlefield game every second year they ensure that they have a shooter every christmas period and since they are different IPs, people might not get as tired of their shooters compared to call of duty.

    Either this is the case or I'm over thinking it.

      I think every three years would be better. EA has many FPS games and they could easily say the release cycle to be three. Allowing for new engines, new technology and new directions or conflicts.

        Bad Company, Crysis and whatever Respawn are working on could all expand the cycle.

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