The Next Xbox Is Code-Named...Durango

Kotaku has heard from multiple sources close to the project that the code-name for Microsoft's next console is Durango.

Yup. Durango.

Note this is a code-name. Like the Katana (Dreamcast), Dolphin (GameCube) and Revolution (Wii) before it, it's not the name that will appear on the finished product when you finally get your hands on one.

It is the name, however, that you'll be hearing during the console's final development phase, that awkward time between it being first shown off and then actually released to the public.

Interestingly, it seems to also suggest a bit of a pattern in Microsoft's recent internal naming policies. While naming projects after places is nothing new, the company seems to be in favour of warmer climates these days; Kinect, before we knew it as Kinect, was called Natal, named for a city in Brazil. Durango, meanwhile, is the name of one of Mexico's 31 states.

Want to read what else we've heard about the next Xbox? Of course you do.


    I thought it was Natal referencing birth/creation/etc? Maybe I over thought it. :P

      Wasn't Natal the project/code name for Kinect?

        still reckon natal is a better name then kinect. natal made it sound revolutionary kinect made it sound like it was for kids at a special school.

          kinematics + connect, for something that connects you to your console using kinematics its a pretty damn good name!

            Or simply kin(family) connect hence the approach of them bringing the family together with kinetics. great name

    I guess people will now be hard at work creating "leaked images" so that we can play "Which one is real?"

    Should it make me feel old this makes me think of Dwango? ala Doom?

      DWango... Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.

        Dwango 6 lvl 2 ftw

      how dare you relate the godfather of fps to a console :P
      (yes yes i know wolfenstein and hovertank came first)

        Don't forget Catacombs. =)

    I'm serious, remember when the Xbox 360 was hyping and you first saw Fight Night Round 3 in action? Remember when the Killzone 2 trailer was shown for the PS3 (that later turned out to be a target render but still)? Remember that childish glee and awe that you felt when seeing the console arms race unfold?
    It's all about to happen again :D

      Yep, love it!


      I never said the pre render looked better than the game, I just said it was a pre-render.
      You're funny.

      Be careful, caps locking can be contagious! OH NO, I'VE GOT IT TOO NOW! QUICK, SOMEONE FIND A CURE BEFORE IT'S TOO LAT-*thud*

        TOO WHAT?!?!
        TOO LATTE?!?!
        TOO LATERAL?!?!?

        TELL MEE!!!

    Is there like an anti-Santa that comes down the chimney and takes away all the cool code names leaving weak official ones under our trees?

      YES! They are called accountants and they believe they know whats best. instead of some beast name for a console they attempt to make it as bland as possible. imagine this PS DOOOOOMSAYER!!!! or XBOX RAVAGER etc would be awesome

    It probably has to do with Microsoft's naming system for the Windows Phone 7 updates, which are NoDo, Mango and Tango.

    Should have called it "6670"

    We've been durango'd.

    If anyone gets that reference I'll be bloooooooooown away. BLOWN!

    No, you're a Durango!

    No llores, mi querida, dios nos vigila
    Soon the horse will take us to Durango...

    +1 if anyone gets the reference ;)

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