The Problem With Gamification

On the subject of gamification - turning things/activities that aren't games into games - Greg Costikyan gets it 100% right.

The Problem with Gamification...[Play This Thing, via Super Punch]


    Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

    A one sentence "article" that links to two sentences by some random internet blogger?

      Sorry Chazz. You just lost whatever remaining credibility you had.

    Luke Plunkett, Games Journalist.

    I thought the whole point of gamification was that it didn't translate to real world prizes. An activity you do in order to get something you want is called a job.

    Haha Luke you hack. You were bitching to us about reddit picking on you. THIS IS WHY THEY PICK ON YOU

      All of the hits and ad revenue, none of the effort.

        Are Allure and Gawker the same company or just in a partnership of sorts? Secondly do adblockplus users contribute to ad revenue?

        Serious questions, not sarcastic.

          I do not know, but would love to know how it's all arranged.

            Tracey says they don't get paid for the pageviews here on KotakuAU. So basically, if you ever have to look at a yank article, do it here!

    On the plus side: If Luke can be a GAMES JOURNALIST and pop this shit out, surely just about anyone can.

      You could attempt a lobotomy on your average KotakuAU reader with crude hand-made tools and mess it up and nearly kill them yet they'd still be far more qualified than Luke and better at the job.

        Nah, mate. You could probably do a shotgun lobotomy with the same result.

        I just feel like hugging Mark Serrels now. No homo.

          Shotgun lobotomy? That's a great time saver! You should be an efficiency consultant!

          Also, what about Tracey and Logan?

            Great time saver? Bugger that, Shotgun Lobotomy is an awesome name for a death metal song!

            Them too.

            Kotaku AU is brilliant. I just switched to US to have a look at it, and it's an ugly, unorganized mess.

    For a while, I was having issues with motivation. I introduced an 'xp' point system to compell myself to do mundane tasks that needed doing, but were nonetheless going undone.

    I gave the tasks more interesting names, like quests you might see in an MMO. Completing tasks accumulated xp, until I reached a target and 'levelled'. Leveling involved treating myself to a reward of some kind.

    Quests were repeated until they became habitual.

    I must admit, I borrowed the core idea from Fitocracy, and I don't use it anymore, but it was an interesting experiment that seemed to yield positive results.

    I think the 'quest' format greatly improved on what would otherwise be a boring to-do list

      Indeed. Even though you're consciously aware that the system rewards you with nothing tangible it does help motivate you.


    This "article" is both garbage AND completely wrong. I'd like to see Luke 'Lazy' Plunkett or Greg Costikyan 'gamify' a classroom with money. I taught English classes in South Korea with a self developed 'gamified' system and was the envy of all other Korean native teachers when kids were leaping out of their seats in my classes to answer questions and learn, where in non-gamified classes the kids were just sitting around, bored stiff, not learning.

    Hey Plunkett and Costikyan, how about you replace what I achieved, for zero cost, with your buckets of money and see how much better you fair. Judging on your journalism skills, you must be rolling in it.

    If this kind of *cough* journalism continues, I'm switching back to IGN.

    It works wonders in education, especially in Computer Science. Richard Buckland did a lecture on it.

      Just realised this isn't the full video. It's linked in the description anyway.

      Damn you, sir!! I was getting drunk to watch a really trashy z-grade film and now I'm watching this dude talk to me about gamification and cattle and pavlov!

    To be fair, money isn't given out for deeds or accomplishments, the bulk mass is dished out for screwing other people out of it.

      Welcome to Being Logical 101!

      Of all the numerous people who have taken this class I'd like to mention those who haven't;
      KotakuUS staff
      Lindsay Lohan
      Greg Costikyan
      Paris Hilton
      KotakuUS fans
      Sarah Palin
      and many many more.

    I know it's a one sentence article with a picture, but I can't hate on this for some reason. I dunno.

    It's a good quote, but I guess a quote alone doesn't make an article? Maybe this should have been saved for one of those qu

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