The Roof Is Not On Fire, Says Konami

An image circulating Twitter earlier today seemed to imply a Konami office building in Japan was burning. It most certainly was not, a spokesman told Kotaku. All is well.


    They're just a bunch of Talking Heads.

    >All is well.
    Except for, you know, whatever was causing the smoke.

      Simultaneous cigarette break?

    Neverdead didn't do so well huh?

      Dumping low-scoring games in a hole in the ground is too mainstream.

    Testing out their backup generator on a Saturday night when no one's in the office? Diesel generators often produce a fair bit of smoke and the wind's blowing it right over the neon signs and that's lighting it all up.

    The roof the roof the roof is on fire

      we don't need no water, let the..

    Alternatively, company barbeque.

    Must be trying to get into making consoles...

    Seems its not going very well though...

    Maybe snake was having a smoko on the roof, he chains em.

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