The Sand, Suffering And Destroyed Luxury Of Spec Ops: The Line

Might we be seeing soldiers cry — or, at least get very pensive — in Spec Ops: The Line? Maybe. It may be set in the architectural wonderland of Dubai, but bad shit's going to down in 2K Games' upcoming military shooter. These screens and concept art shots show the shattered steel and glass of Dubai festooned with bodies of lynched soldiers and one firefight that looks like it might be happening in front of what might be a playground. Emotional manipulation needle's in the red, captain!


    please don't be zombies...

      Actually, the first graphic looks like it was modelled on Keanu Reeves, so you know, Zombies it is (in terms of facial expression).

      Also, pic 13 looks like a younger Willem Dafoe. What's the IP angle there...more than 10% different?

    I kinda think you get more emotion from a first person perspective IMO. But this game does look good, I just hope they pull off the story. I think it's hard to do a 'modern day' military shooter, with a good story..but from what I've seen, it does look like they are trying new/different things.

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