The Secret World Gets Significantly Less Secret When It Launches June 19

Funcom's eagerly anticipated supernatural real-world MMO The Secret World reveals its secrets on June 19. Originally slated for an April release, the developer plans to use the extra time for more polish and beta testing.


    Never seen this one before... looking good... though the problem lays in the fact that all these MMO's use flashy CG trailers and then wind up being massively overrated.

    Its a "meh.." from me till i see it on release.

      Very much agree. In MMO's, the game itself is probably less important than the community that represents it. Using flashy CG trailers draws the kind of crowd that likes flashy CG trailers, just ask Michael Bay.

      never the less, i love to see a good cg animation, whatever the context

    now make the longest journey 2

      You mean Dreamfall? I'd like them to actually make Dreamfall Chapters though.

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