The Smithsonian’s Video Games Exhibit Is Nearly Ready, Let's See How It's Coming Along

The Smithsonian American Art Museum's "The Art of Video Games" exhibition opens next month. Which is exciting!

While the doors aren't quite open yet, here's a look at how the exhibition are shaping up as the team puts it all together, and some of the cool/interesting things you'll see if you manage to make it and see it in the flesh. Like the sturdiest NES controller you've ever seen.

The Art of Video Games will be split across five "eras" of gaming, focusing on the consoles and games that best exemplified both the gameplay and art of their generation.

Also, to accompany the launch of the exhibition, there'll be an accompanying big coffee table book released, also called The Art of Video Games. You can check out a preview, and buy it, here.


    Would love to go see this but alas I lack the funds to do so. Anyone here going or know someone who is?

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