The Terror, And The Wonder, Of A Street Fighter X Mario X Mortal Kombat Mashup

GI Joe. M. Bison. Cammy. The Mushroom Kingdom. Mortal Kombat. I'm 31, and what is this.

(It's a trailer for Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings by Jonathan Monaghan, which runs eight minutes in total and is viewable now at curator's office in Washington DC).


    Hey Kotaku, News yeah? STOP WASTING MY TIME.

      Stop clicking links that you aren't interested in?

    What the hell did i just watch?
    What was that crap?!

    I had no sound, but at one point it looked like Cammy had a giant penis. Poor tank cannon placement lol.

    that was actually pretty cool

    i want the last 2 minutes of my life back...

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