The Very Best In Cosplay: Echow88

Today's feature on the very best cosplayers in the world takes us to Indonesia, where we're taking a look at the astounding work of Echow88.

While some cosplayers can get by modelling characters with "basic" costumes, Echow88 goes all-out, appearing as the stars of games like Star Ocean 4, Kingdom hearts, Lineage II and Aion, all of whose outfits are large, complicated and basically a total bitch to put together.

The real killer, though, is in the details, which still shots aren't really doing justice. That Edge outfit from Star Ocean 4, for example? He built it to glow, sticking a giant light bulb inside it to replicate the effect from the game.

The gallery above showcases some of his best works. You can see a lot more<a href="[link]"> at his personal collection. As a bonus, there's a video in there too, featuring a Kingdom Hearts outfit being role-played at last year's UKDW JapFest.


    That lancelot is pretty good otherwise I have no idea what the others are.

      Thank you^^

    Waitaminute... that chick looks like a dude!

    Seriously though, I would like to see more decent male articles. As nice as the pretty girls are to look at, good cosplay is always good.

    Wouldn't say no to an article or two on interplaces to find this sort of "otaku" stuff, either.

    He is a SHE, trust me..

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