The Week In Evil DLC

The Week In Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here’s a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

Available: Day-one DLC. (March 6). Price: $US10

What You Get: A story extension that allows players to “unlock [SPOILER] from the [SPOILER] and also add a new member to your team, who is [SPOILER].

Why It’s Evil: Good Lord, did you see the tantrum thrown over this on Reddit? We haven’t seen outrage like that since… Tuesday.

Evil Score: 2/5. Its early appearance on the Xbox Live Marketplace constitutes the worst sin you could commit against this type of game: the spoiler. Otherwise, yawn. Mass Effect 2 had loads of downloadable content (most of it meh) and even a paywall and the thing was still GOTY calibre. Quit whining.

Uncharted 4: Golden Abyss “Treasure Map Pack”

Available: Now Price: US$0.99.

What You Get: It’s a bunch of goddamn treasure maps. Really that’s it. They show you where all of the game’s lame collectibles are.

Why It’s Evil: You hear “map pack” and you think multiplayer, especially in a game like Uncharted. Well, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the PS Vita version of the series, has no multiplayer. I’d rather spend $US0.99 just to have the game pretend I found all of the collectibles.

Evil Score: 4/5. The use of “Map Pack” and the uselessness of the content make this a borderline deceptive product.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip — Unlock All Code

Available: Now Price: $US5.99

What You Get: A 100KB file.

Why It’s Evil: With this, gamers can pay $US6 to unlock all of the game’s customisable content and bypass all of the racing and ranking up and winning and losing and hours of replayability. For $US6? What’s the point?

Evil Score: 3/5. They’re charging you $US6 for what is, theoretically, the whole point of the game, which is locked to begin with. You have to pay if you don’t want to spend the time necessary to unlock it. Either lock it for everyone, or don’t.


  • Why does everyone think DLC is evil? so what if its is induced early after a game is released, but think how long it takes to print all the discs, certifications and release scheduling? that’s like 3-5 months of doing nothing but waiting. I don’t see a problem

    • Why does everyone accept a 70% game and the rest sold as dlc????? Of course you don’t see a problem because you are wrong. Thank you.

        • Mass Effect 3, continues on from the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2.
          If you haven’t played the DLC there are so many questions that you’ll have about the start of Mass Effect 3, like why the hell is Shepard on Earth anyway.

          • Exactly look at all the people defending dlc. So many sheep not enough newzealanders around to make love with.

          • Mass Effect 2 was about the Collectors abducting colonies of humans. That DLC came out 2 years laterand wasn’t the main games ending or withheld to make extra money.

        • Your face when you realize that the main game already has ALOT of content about the protheans and meeting a group of them and the dlc just adds a tiny little background story and the ability to recruit one of the protheans that is part of the large group that were in stasis.
          I hate when everyone goes up and roaring about how the dlc will contain so much plot twist and story element when they have no idea that is even the case.

    • Lol! Some people really are naive. DLC is PLANNED and cut from the original game based on play testing to see what parts people will spend more money on. Other DLC fluff is also added like OP weapons and armor that u get at the start which is PLANNED. OP of article was prob paid off aswell to promote DLC.

  • Your argument falls down with games like Mortal Kombat having day 1 DLC that was already on that printed, certified disc you mentioned…it was simply locked out.

  • Go to hell Owen Good. Essentially calling me an idiot whiner because I happen to feel strongly about a certain subject and like to express that fact.

    For shame.

  • I don’t see how the uncharted dlc is more evil than the ME:3 dlc. The game doesn’t have multi-player so I doubt anyone thought it’d be multi-player maps. The ME:3 dlc should be more evil, than the uncharted dlc, just because of the spoiler.

    • Lets not forget its a story driven game and they removed a character and added it to dlc, but hey i under Kotaku they have to get paid….

      • Removed implies the character was in there first off to begin with. Clearly it wasnt and was added later. Im betting this will be more a Zaeed/Kasumi situation where the character is far less interactive than the others due to late stage addition programming.

  • In fairness, a buck for the Uncharted maps? It’s not exactly twisting your arm for cash, right there. Probably a better buy than any of the dollar fart apps out there…

    • Well if you have a look at the other article when kotaku has a go at battlefield 3 fans hahah seems like they got payed well today :D.

  • lol kotaku writers noone needs to take your articles seriously, we all know you and all the other game journalists are bought out by developers to defend them even when they’re wrong. Nice try though, I respect that you’re trying to do what your being paid to do.

  • Last week’s ‘evil DLC’ article was interesting and seemed like a good idea for a weekly pace. This week…it just reads in a condescending tone like it was written by someone who hates everything.

  • Can people stop bitching about the ME DLC. I don’t even get the hate are they angry because it’s a prothean or it was leaked or it’s day 1 DLC or all 3. You don’t have to buy it on day 1 just buy it when it goes on sale 3months later like what everyone did with ME2. I’m just going to watch the mission on youtube then buy it when it goes on sale. NO NEED FOR NERD RAGE.

    • People can bitch about whatever the hell they want, it’s generally considered a valuable freedom. If it bothers you too much that you can’t handle someone complaining about something you aren’t bothered by (heh) China is thataway!
      Now if you’ll excuse me I have to attend my weekly ‘bitch about how hard it is to find Dr Pepper in this country’ club

  • Diligaf, If i like the IP i’ll buy the DLC, ME is the only game so far ive bought DLC for, since its one of few games i seem to enjoy playing, bar indie titles
    After reading some of the comments on /v/, it makes me realise they’re a bunch of 2 year old that cant comprehend that business’s have to money to continue releasing stuff players enjoy.
    it does grind my gears a little when DLC is announced before the games is released (with its f’n spoilers…) but it wont stop me buying the game

  • If you want it, buy it. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. It’s really that simple.

    DLC is a great way to make money, and that is the entire point of the video game industry. It’s an industry, not a charity.

    For a game that takes many years and hundreds of people to make, it’s hardly surprising to have DLC ready to go on day one. Why on earth are you complaining about being able to play MORE of a game you like?

    • Ok I don’t want to register my car, so I won’t right? Even though I still want to drive it? Before you say that these things don’t compare, the only difference is one is required for to legally enjoy my thing, and the other is not – and that’s something that may well change in the future.

      Hell for a lot of the people complaining about this who are Mass Effect fans this DLC is required for their enjoyment of this latest game.

      • How do you know it’s required. The DLC content may be a very small portion of total Prothean content that is already apart of the main game. Everyone just assumes that the main game will have no prothean content and the DLC will add like 30% more to the game. It’s only 1 mission, 1 character, 1 weapon, and a couple upgrades or something.

      • Not even I have made such stupid comparisons.

        Though it’s really just like this: People think Mass Effect 3 is ruined because it has one small piece of Day 1 DLC. With this one piece of DLC, in their eyes the game is Clearly being milked for all it’s worth, it’s deliberately removing lots of content from the main game and forces you to pay more, despite being in the limited editions for free.

        It’s actually nowhere near a big of a deal people make it out to be. If you have something other than the standard edition, great! Enjoy the content. Otherwise, you gotta buy it. If you don’t want it, you don’t need to buy it; you still have the complete game.

        It’s like saying Mass Effect 2 is incomplete, unplayable and total garbage because you have to buy Kasumi.

        • The comparison is apt not because it literally compares to the product at hand but because the “buy it if you want it and don’t if you don’t” is a concept that doesn’t cooperate with it, something that many people feel about this game.

          I GET what you’re saying, it’s not a VITAL component. But people have certain expectations and when those expectations aren’t met they feel short-changed. I’d like to have a comfortable seat in the theatre: Should theatres remove seats and then charge us more for them? I mean that’s ok I can just not pay if I don’t want it right.

          The content is not *free* in the special edition, nothing is. You pay more. If the special edition is truly that special, this DLC should be on it’s disc exclusively, no extra money-pinch for normal editions. OH NO the user-base will be splintered, well too bad it already is between those who bought the special and those who bought the normal and then get to pay extra for less.

          People spend so much time defending this practice, never realising that they wouldn’t have to if they didn’t do it and go back to the expansion pack model.

          • DLC is not like rego, it is more like nice rims. If you’d like to pay extra when you buy a car, you can get the larger rims. If that is not important to you, then you don’t have to pay the extra to get them. The car is in no way ‘crippled’ because it only comes with the standard ones.

      • That is a problem if you saw a whole pie, paid for a whole pie, and were not given a whole pie. It is NOT a problem if you saw most of a pie, decided to buy that most of a pie, then complained when someone offers you the of the pie for money.

        If you don’t give them your money, they won’t exist. It’s incredibly simple.

    • Me me?
      Or some other me?
      Blast! Will I ever live down buying that one DLC made by a defunct developer 🙁
      Oh well, at least two of my heavy gamer mates have never bought DLC at all, nor apparently has the guy below us just here, I raise you that Mr.Gooooood!

  • “Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy.”

    Never bought DLC in my life, how do you like that, person who wrote that.

  • Owen people don’t like the ME DLC because it has a Prothean in it.
    For ANYONE who follows the Mass Effect lore this is a big deal, because they’re essentially the whole reason why Shepard does what he does. To include a hidden one as DLC, which they planned months ahead ( Check the spoiler logs, they had this planned) and to not implement it is shit to say the least.

    That all there is to it and it is rightfully a big deal to anyone who cares about ME lore. Its impossible to not see the issue, but i suspect you willfully ignore it because alot people jumped on it and decided to be a contrarian in order to get page views

  • i buy DLCs becos i love these games and i don’t want to miss out on extra content. It’s pretty frustrating how these publishers take advantage of that and try to reel some more of ppl’s money in.

  • Can anyone else link me to a Kotaku-like blog where the (US) reporting is of a higher quality while being less antagonistic and less condescending?

    The only reason I come to this site is for the Aus articles and regular updates (in which I put up with reporting like this).

  • Are you kidding me? Day 1 STORY dlc is as evil as you can get

    drop that dlc a few weeks after the gamers have finished their 2nd or 3rd playthough not as soon as the game is released.

    • So you’ll gladly pay money for a game. But you won’t EVER pay MORE money to play MORE of any game that is EVER going to be made, no matter how much you enjoyed the game and how fantastic the new content is for how little money?

  • TBH, I think we need to work out what DLC means. ATM, it just gets stamped on EVERYTHING.

    Untill we work out what is DLC and what is a EDLC (Expaniton digital content) then there is no point trying to say its bad.

    In my opinion, the only real reson that everyone is being pisssy abut all this is due to the ME3 giving you a new team member. Then again, this is the internet, so maybe its just cos they want to piret the game insted of pay for it.

  • The modnation racers one should be a 5/5.

    Does anyone remember when these were called ‘cheat codes’ and were free?

  • Why is everyone so outraged at the concept of giving game developers money? You know what they do when we give them more money right? They make more games. If a game developer works out a way to make something so compelling that I am giving them MORE MONEY then they are doing something incredibly right. I’m winning, and they are winning.

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