The Witcher 2: The Most Complex Story Ever Told On Xbox 360?

It's a large claim, but CD Projekt Red are making it: The Witcher 2 will be the most complex and non-linear story ever told on Xbox 360. In fact that's actually the clunky title of the team's latest developer diary for the console version of The Witcher 2.

To be fair, they make a pretty solid set of claims. The Witcher 2 is designed around choices that impact the storyline and send it in different trajectories. Ambitious stuff.

What do you think? And I'd love to hear from those who have played through the PC version of the game — is there a story than can match the complexity and non-linearity of The Witcher 2?


    I've completed the PC version. Say what you will about the game, I agree that the Witcher 2 is the most complex stories I've come across in 25+ years of gamings. I initially sided with one of the major factions, and I couldn't be more shocked by just how different my second play through of the game was. It was almost completely different content.

    For those of you sitting on the fence: buy this game. Buy it. It is one of the most mature, well written narrative I've come across in any media, and certainly in gaming.

      You've just convinced/reminded me to start up a second play through...Damn but I have too much to play at the moment and not enough time!

        ...and also, it doesn't hurt that the PC version looks superb maxed out. I hope the xbox version does the art direction in this game justice. Looks like it will though which is great news.

      Wowwww, after a review like that i'm dusting off the box and firing it up. It sounds like everything you hope for when you open a game, well i what i hope for. I wish i could play it on the ps3 though, any reason they aren't porting it to ps3?

      Agree 99%. Though I think a couple of other games may pip Witcher 2 at the post. The original Deus Ex is the one that springs to mind as there was so many little tidbits of info hidden away that really changed your outlook on the game world.

      Still Xboxers go get this game!

      I dont own a proper PC, just a Macbook (which i use for audio engineering work, not as a $2000 facebook machine)

      I got real exicted when i heard that The Witcher 2 is going to be on the xbox. Cant wait till it comes out.

    If they are talking about choices effecting the conclusion of the game, Mass Effect is probably a close ringer to Witcher.

      Are you kidding? Bioware's choices have next to no effect on the story.

      Believe me; 6 playthroughs of ME1, each imported and played through in ME2 - there's little to no difference between playthroughs. All that happens is a different spoken line, or the omission (or replacement with a carbon copy) of a character.

        Well the game isn't finished, it's impossible at the moment to tell how complex the choices you made were.

          Blergh, that's a wobbly argument.

          So you said it as a prediction for the future?

            Sure a prediction, assumption, generalisation, intuitive feeling.

            But sure I can agree currently speaking its pretty linear.

    I can't think of any other game where basically the last two thirds of the game completely change depending on which choices you have made.
    Sure you basically have the same areas (though where you camp is completely different), but all of the quests and dialogue are completely different for the middle third of the game. The third chapter isn't as vastly different, but there's still lot's of different encounters and choices depending on what you've chosen earlier.
    I love the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, but the changes are never story changing like they are for Witcher 2.
    I think the closest would be Alpha Protocol, but it's still not to the extend of The Witcher 2. I hope the game finds success on the 360, as I would love to see more games like this.

      Fallout New Vegas.

        Admittedly, Fallout New Vegas was too complex; it had quests that tripped over each other, quests that terminated if you accidentally killed someone earlier, quests that never started because the trigger person was dead, people travelling in real time across the Mojave and getting killed by wildlife, etc, etc. It's still the largest sandbox-single-world-thing that I've ever played, but that's not to say it's a particularly stable way to build a game.

    Next week i will be pre-ordering the Dark edition and slowly paying it off week-by-week until release!


    best part is i played through at release loved it. playef through again as others who posted have said and chowe different paths.and yes the game is almost a whole.nww story. the.control update was also pure win

      This review has convinced me it's worth getting.

    I've just hit chapter III and it's awesome, can't wait to finish and play through again differently.
    The different choices do make it hard to figure out your position in a walkthrough if you get stuck, though.

    Heavy Rain did rarely affect the game drastically during the main plot but the endings, oh the endings. I had to go back and see them all.

    Shin Megami Tensei games are pretty good in this regard too, they tend to drastically split into multiple paths towards the ends of each game, with minor things changing prior to that (for example, recruiting different characters in the Devil Survivor games).

    Meh, I bought the Witcher 2 and regretted it after 4 or 5 hours. Sure it's a well made game with good voice acting and passable combat system, but the Characters are annoying and unrelatable, and the sheer volume of cutesy fantasy cliches make you cringe. There's even an elf that sits on a fallen tree and plays the flute for Christ's sake.

    Also, Gerhalt is a total Mary Sue.

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