The Wonder And The Horror Of Japanese Cosplay

The Wonder Festival roared through Japan over the weekend. The biannual event is a gathering of figure collectors and makers — as well as cosplayers. Sister site Kotaku Japan was on hand to capture the cosplay festivities, which range from fantastic to frightening. Japanese websites Asagawo Blog and Gigazine were also on hand, too.

You can see their photos in the above link or check out more on their websites.

The new Wonder Festival will be held this summer, July 29, at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

武器が主役!?, 企業コンパニオンの魅惑ポーズ [Kotaku Japan]

コスプレ彼女 その1-, -その2-, -その3-, -その4-, -その5-, -その6- [アサガヲBlog]

あらゆる意味で個性的なコスプレ写真まとめ [Gigazine]

Top photo: Kotaku Japan/Gigazine


    Hey, my kimono is the wrong colour in that picture!

    Metal Knight costume was awesome, the rest were awkward or overly sexualised (5th from the top, gimmie a break, that's not how we do it).

      That metal knight would be berserker from Fate/Zero. The priest dude below him is from the same show/novel.
      But man. I really only recognised characters from pedator down except for that one from darkstalkers.

    fair bit of butter face going on this time

      That's what I was thinking.......

    When will Japanese chicks (and asian females in general) drop this over-the-top makeup bs? Stop trying to look like "western" girls and just bloody well be yourself. I mean cmon, there is more make up on these people in just these photos than what you'd find in an all girl high school.

    i love the Predators. gotta be worth a few scares jumping out at people with a Predator roar on couple of hidden speakers

    I love that pic of the two predators. They looks like a pair of badcore rap dudes or something.

    I did not expect the Predators... Happy surprises :)

    ika-chan in the title :D

    That Lucky star was terrible =( I didn't even recognise the characters. Konata's hair is too dark a blue too. It's not hard to get the right colour wig sheesh

    Vast majority (eg except 1 or 2) of the girls in those photos look like androids. You can see the eyes but there's nothing behind them. Like a vacant mist.
    Who are you? What makes you different? Or special?

    Don't leave your soul behind~

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