There Is A Video Game Dating Site. Sigh.

A site called Date a Gamer has just gone live in the UK, with a "particular slant for helping Gamers hook up".

"Whether you want to date an online player, meet up with fellow geeks, or get some nookie just before you get into another Call of Duty session - this is your site!", a blurb on its front page reads.

"Gaming is hot. So don't stay single any longer. Come in and play."

It's free to join. So I joined. Don't tell my wife.

What I found was, whaddyaknow, not much of a dating site for gamers. Most profiles seemed to belong to women aged between 30-60, and there's not a single mention of video games to be found in them, either as a designated response or as part of their self-written descriptions.

So, yeah, it's just a gaming shell for an existing service. Sorry, desperate and dateless British gamers. You're going to have to stick to hooking up in a forum or over instant messaging. You know. The old-fashioned way.

Date a Gamer [Official Site, via Eurogamer]


    Yeah, because nothing defines gamers like Wii remotes, site-licensed shirts and an actual population of girls.

    "Home to over 150 000 single gamers".

    Except Luke Plunket :P

    Even if this was legit, it would be something along the lines of like 149,997 single lads

      Stereotyping is fun

        If you watched Archer you'd know that stereotypes exist for a reason! ;)

          What's Archer?

    "or get some nookie just before you get into another Call of Duty session"


      ^Comments like this.


        ^I like sighing.


    Why are those hookers threatening Mark Zuckerburg?

      Wouldn't you?

    On the upside, the picture does accurately represent the social interaction of a typical male/female gamer social interaction: Post pick-up line violence and bewilderment.

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