These Chibi Final Fantasy Figures Are Absolutely Adorable

Don't mind the detached plastic faces in front of them. These action figures, seen today at the New York Toy Fair, are absolutely precious.

From left to right, you can see Final Fantasy X's Yuna, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, and Final Fantasy VIII's Squall. Not pictured: the souls of Square Enix executives that had to be sacrificed in order to craft these wonderful dolls.


    Cool article, bro.

    Note to self : to avoid backlash from writing a rubbish 'article' which contains a blurry picture, no link, and no information. Use chibi Final Fantasy characters.

    Someone should tell Bashcraft about this loophole.

      *hangs head in shame*

      I confess, I fell for the cuteness.

    Umm... What are those... faces... that are just lying around? Can you change the faces of the characters or something? And either way... why are some of them blank... It's kind of creepy.

      From what I've seen of this the extra faces are there so you can change how they look. You use the blank pieces to make your own facial expression for them, if you want to.

    I see exdeath in the background (-.-)

    eeeeeehhhhhh no.

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