These Mass Effect 'Paragon' And 'Renegade' Consoles Are Up For Grabs

EA has put a "Mass Effect 3 Mission Command" app on Facebook, through which fans can unlock some Avatar items and possibly get chosen for early access to the game's upcoming beta. There's also a big sweepstakes opportunity to win one of two custom Xbox 360s, painted in the game's Paragon and Renegade themes. EA sent us these pictures earlier today.

Editor's note: Sadly only open to US residents. Consoles look cool, though.

The Mission Command app isn't really a game per se; you're given a short paragraph, asked to respond to it in either paragon or renegade character, and then type up a reply corresponding to that. No dialogue wheels here! That's why I think my response to the "mission" of flirting with Liara was most appropriate. Head on over and check it out if that seems like something fun to you.


    DO WANT.

    (grumble grumble US-only competitions)

      I know. You almost don't want to post it, but the consoles themselves are very nice.

        My Xbox is on its last legs; are these available to buy?


    I would do so many dirty things for one of those consoles.

      I would do so many dirty people for one of those consoles.

    Boooooo. Maaaaan US peeps always get the cool stuff. *sulks*

    They look hideous

    US only ruins everything.

    Seriously, there are other countries besides the USA damnit.

    I normally love red and black, but damn, that Paragon one is beautiful.

    Love how this article only mentions its a US competition, once you get into the article, so the blurb on the news feed gives you hope, man it sucks being an Australian gamer.

    If this is a US competition only, why the hell was it posted on the Australian kotaku?

      Agree, at least change the title to include 'in the us' would take 2 secs

      Is it renegade or renagade?

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