These Plastic People Are Wonderful

The Wonder Festival isn't only about cosplay. Rather, the event is dedicated to figurines and models. So of them are production models, which are mass-produced, while other pieces are limited edition or even one-off pieces. This year's Wonder Festival was held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Sister site Kotaku Japan and figure site were both on hand to check it out.

台湾から来たサークル, 冬フェスでこそ輝く「雪ミク」スマイル, モンハンリボルテックがサンプル展示, 小悪魔キャサリンの大胆フィギュア [Kotaku Japan]

T'sのミクさん、リボルテック「リオレウス」などなど, GSC、マックス、アルター、アゾンなどなど []


    Article's Preview Image. Far left. Apparently female figurine. I already hate myself for asking this question...

    ... Am I looking at a coin purse? I. MUST. KNOW. O_O

      It certainly is a bit hard to tell, but I believe it is supposed to be the bottom of her right butt-cheek.

        I thought it looked like a nob DX

        Yeah, that's what I told myself too

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