They're Sending Copies Of Mass Effect 3 Into Space Next Week

The people behind Mass Effect 3 will hoist copies of the sci-fi game into space via weather balloons next week. Gamers in Berlin, Las Vegas, London, New York, Paris and San Francisco can track (via, catch and play them.


    So to get this straight, EA and Bioware are paying money to attach copies of their latest game to a weather balloon, sending up into the stratosphere (because the balloon can't go any higher than that), and letting it float there and expecting it to land where someone can get it. Wow where will promotional marketting go next. At least Portal 2 didn't have you trek down an actual bunker to get the game early

    EA...STOP. Just...STOP.

    Someone should report them for littering!
    "This just im old lady does dies because of video games. We will have this exclusive story and more after this break only on Fox"

    token complain about the lack of love for Australian fans.

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