This Amazing GoldenEye Homage Totally Nails It

If you've ever played the original GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 - or even seen someone playing it - you'll quickly see just how great this clip is.

The fact it doesn't just serve up the game itself, but YouTube playthroughs at the same time, only makes it twice as good.


    isn't this just a repost that was on Kotaku yesterday??

    O_o Seriously?

    Yeah Kotaku is getting bloody lazy. Happened the other day with something that was posted here first, then to the US site, then back here...

    I may be wrong but Logans stuff doesn't go onto the US site so they wouldn't have seen that one over there.

    On the other hand we get the US posts so we see it all.

    Logan's title was better. Just sayin'. :)

    I guess everyone here are robots and have never made a mistake.
    Double post wow so a mistake was made, why complain so much?

    Video is great because it is so true.

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