This Awesome Music Video Thinks It's A Very Old Video Game

After I posted Sole's new video yesterday, I was inundated with emails from people saying "OH YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT THIS MUSIC VIDEO THAT'S LIKE A VIDEO GAME". Most of them were rubbish, but this one, from Polinski, was great.

The entire clip plays out like an old Spectrum game, down to the tape loading and the graphics having to pop in.


    I dunno if this one was submitted to you via email yesterday, but it's one of the best I've seen!

    see if you can pick all the games in this one:

    A video clip i made for Avicii and Sebastien Drums in 2010 for Vicious Records Australia

      skip to 0:40 sec mark

    I thought there was a smudge on my screen then it moved and i realized it was the guy playing the game being reflected in the tv set.

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