This Cool Ninja Text Adventure Isn’t Really A Ninja Text Adventure

This Cool Ninja Text Adventure Isn’t Really A Ninja Text Adventure

Well this is some creative marketing. Head on over to to play through a ninja-centric text adventure game. It’s called “Mark of the Ninja”, and it’s brought to you by Klei Entertainment, makers of Shank.

(Well, it’s not really a “text adventure” game like Zork or The Lurking Horror, it’s more of a “choose your own adventure”. But I digress.)

You’ll assume the role of a black-clad Japanese assassin, making choices about how best to hunt and kill your prey. Do you lash out from the shadows, or do you wait?

Here in the street stands another guard, bigger than the last. He’s guarding the entrance to a squat hotel. He is the only man standing between you and your prey.

You wait for the guard to glance away, and then fling your grappling hook at the lightpost. It hooks the metal and pulls you through the air with a gentle whoosh, until you are perched above your enemy. Even if he looks up, he won’t see you: the light is in his eyes.

As you make decisions, the prompts asking what you’d like to do melt away, replaced by a “final” version of the story you just told. It’s neat! And then you finish the story and, of course, are treated to some gameplay footage of the real Mark of the Ninja, which appears to be a 2D stealth video game made by Klei.

And so this choose-your-own-adventure game stealthy becomes a video game teaser… just like a ninja.

Mark of the Ninja [Klei Entertainment]


  • I hope the final product is amazing. I feel constantly aggrieved at the lack of 2D games these days. Now we need a new Castlevania announcement (sans 3D) and a new megaman and I’m nearing contentment.

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