This Ezio Statue Could Be Yours For Just...$375

Sideshow Collectibles has released this line of Assassin's Creed statues which feature star Ezio jumping from a busted building about to stab someone in the face.

What could you expect to pay for such polystone heroics? It's in the headline. Sure, he's just under 14" tall, and is "limited" to 2000 pieces, but boy, $US375 is a lot for something that doesn't move or whisper "Requiscat in Pace" when you press a button on his back.


    Hmmm, I wonder if I can somehow work it so I can get this for Mother's Day? :P

    As said before when the statue was first announced the detail on the thing is appauling for a ~$400 figure.

    Is it me or does Sideshow not really try with their videogame models?

      Please give an example on how they could have tried? That one is just amazing. A hell of a lot more detail than in most models.

        Jumped on the site and in under 20 seconds found this;

        Bigger (22"), limited to a far smaller number (500) and only $269.99. Look at it in the zoom gallery, the stitch marks on his suit, the aging/weathering on the's vastly more detailed.

        AND this;!prettyPhoto/0/

        Only slightly smaller at 11.5" but limited to 175 and only going for $249.99 But again the detail is greater.

        Just go over to their site and have a look at what they have. The asking price combined with how many they're releasing means this thing should be more detailed. Places to start would be more detail on the fabric of his outfit. Aging and wear on the metal parts of his armour like his buckle. Scuffing and wear & tear on the boots.

          Wow, okay, then I'm with you. This one sucks, but only in comparison.

        This.... Square Enix Play Arts Kai, Ezio figurine, which I personally bought for AU$80 and it honestly blows this away by miles!

        This Sideshow one is balls compared... far from being worth US$375!

          Do you have a hi-res picture of it by any chance? Also, what's the size and release numbers? My post pointing out Sideshow's usual standards of pricing and quality (and how it leaves this thing in the dust) is still awaiting moderation. so your post will have to do in the meantime :P

            can't find any real high-res pics, but the figurine is 10" and here's a link with a decent amount of pics, boxed & unboxed with a review... enjoy! :)


              Interesting. Not so sure about the added detail to the hood and leather shoulder/chest guard. Seems added for the sheer sake of it but detailed nonetheless. Plus it's poseable which although not my thing, a lot of people like. Either way, $80 for that is a damn good price and is another example of why the Sideshow piece is a let down.

              Again, I think they always drop the ball on videogame pieces which is a shame because there is so much out there to work with.

    His face is completely wrong. And no that's not the only issue I have with it.

    Dude, this statue is pretty amazing. Show me a better one?

    everything looks great, cept the face...just not right...

    This looks cheap ... like from a collector's edition

    Yeah, I think I'll stick with the one that came with the AC2 collector's edition that I paid AU$38 for.

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