This Is Cannon Fodder 3. Sort Of.

We got a little excited last year when we heard a new Cannon Fodder game was being developed. Excitement quickly gave way to not-giving-a-fuck, though, when it turned out the game was for the Russian market and was likely never going to be released in the West.

Still, it appears while we had our collective backs turned footage of the game has been recorded and demos - albeit in Russian - released.

The above trailer looks awesome and sounds dreadful, so you might want to check out this version instead, which throws out the guitars in favour of the original's classic theme.

Cannon Fodder 3 Actually Happened, Demo [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Yep, drop the f bomb in an article, and do it in the first paragraph so it appears on the front page of the site. Another piece of quality journalism from Plunkett.

      He does that quite often, it's very irritating.

        Again... Who hired this guy ?

    Looks awesome, can't they translate this and throw it on steam? I loved that game as a kid.

    What purpose did swearing serve? No grown up uses swear words so carelessly, let alone someone who writes for a living. Amazing.

    "Excitement quickly gave way to not-giving-a-fuck"

    You call yourself a professional?

    *generic hate on Kotaku* Hey, this is fun right?

      Generic hate is saying "Another piece of crap from Plunkett"

      This is specific hate, pointing out a very real flaw in Plunkett's writing strategy, or lack thereof.

      In what alternate reality would that kind of language for a "professional" journalist be appropriate?

      There's a pretty good reason not many people like Plunkett's articles.

      I'm sure most of us love Kotaku, it's why we get all up in arms when people poop in a word document and call it journalism.

    Hey cool an article about a game!
    Oh it's quite short and not very inform... i'll just check the author.... god damn it.

    Someone plz hire these guys to make Syndicate instead of the team of crackpots who are doing it now!!!!!!!

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