'This Is Crap', Sony's Chief Of Development Said, After First Playing Demon's Souls

We've heard (as far back at 2010) Sony admit that it blundered big time by not publishing Demon's Souls in the US. Now we know why they passed. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment's head of product development, told Game Informer that he played two hours of the game as it was close to final and walked away convinced it would be terrible.

"This is crap", Yoshida recalled saying. "This is an unbelievably bad game."

Demon's Souls went on to become an enormous critical success and a sales winner, spawning a successor that also did well. How did Yoshida miss the boat? He says differences in development between Japan and the US produced an early version of the game that looked nothing like its finished state. In Japan, assets for a game are developed in parallel; in the US "game development is typically a vertical slice". Thus the early build, "the team tried to create a small piece of the experience that resembles the final product." That version had framerate issues, among other problems.

"We definitely dropped the ball from a publishing standpoint, including studio management side," he said.

Sony Talks The Last Guardian, Demon's Souls, And The Vita Launch [Game Informer]


    I am still convinced it is terrible, and Dark souls. But they are just not my cup of tea and I know many, many people who love them. Each to their own.

      I'm curious to know, how much of it did you play?

        I too am curious. I played about the first hour and a half and hated the game, but from about the 3 or 4 hour mark it started to quickly become one of my favourite games of all time.

          Of Demon Souls I played it for maybe 20 hours or so. Really tried to give it a good go as I am always dissapointed at how easy modern day games, rpgs especially, are turning out to be. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is a good example. 30 hours played on hard and have died twice from traps, never even close from enemies.
          Of Dark Souls only about 5 hours or so.

            Sounds like a reasonable amount of time to me, to have gauged a fair personal impression. Too bad it's not your cup o tea.

              I would say 4+ hours wih Demon Souls is enough time to give judgement. 20 means that you've given it far more than a fair go and decided a more than fair opinion on it. Bravo.

      Eh there's plenty of people who seem to 'hate' even the very best of games. Best not to reason why and just ignore their rants. Attention just makes them worse.

        or just accept the fact that they find different mechanics in games enjoyable compared to you and that their is nothing wrong with them stating their opinion.

          Clearly there is only one valid opinion. That's why they're called facts.

          (sarcasm tags)

        On the flipside there's apparently a rule that no matter how bad a song, movie or game is, there is one person out there whose favourite song/movie/game is that.

      I agree that it is terrible. The difficulty is artificial, because if your character didn't control like a marionette made of lead, it would be the easiest game ever. One of the main things I hated about it was the immobility of your character - he can't even step over obstacles that are a foot high. Games like this are not fun, and people only think they are fun because it appeals to their masochistic tendencies. Basically the game abuses you for hours, despite the abuse you achieve something, and the feeling you get from beating the shitty controls makes you think that it's a great game.

    They are difficult games to get into, because at first it takes so much effort to see so little reward.

    I own Dark Souls & it scares this shit outta me!

    It's like Skyrim I really really tried to give it a go (20 hours in I think level 29)

    Could not see what the mass appeal of massive load times and very repetitive quests. It being given the game of the year seemed a bit of a joke to me.

      Load times? the only time you noticed them in either title was if you were making the same mistakes repeatedly that would result in death. Dark souls was a brilliant game to get into because apart from rendering some of the in game videos there were no real wait times.

    Maximum effort with little reward is not usually something human beings are wired to enjoy - for the vast majority of species, the path of least resistance will almost invariably be taken if you take higher cognitive processes out of the picture.

    I played the Dark Soul's game and knew immediately that it was not the game for me because i play games for the enjoyment and the story - not the brutal punishment or the "test" of my "mad skills".

    In other words:

    If you don't like Demon/Dark Soul's, the the game clearly wasn't made for YOU as an audience, and simply saying "I hate it" isn't enough - you either justify your opinion or you shut up.

    Actually that works for everything in life ^_^ who knew right?

    My cousin bought me Dark Souls for my birthday, for the first hour I didn't see what was so good about it. I died from the first boss (tutorial dragon) 10 times and then saw a sign on the floor saying run! WTF, this is a action game, everything needs to be killed. Thats when I thought, this aint Uncharted or FInal Fantasy, this is a true hardcore game where if you are not worthy (or not powerful enough) your gonna die so take a different route. This has been the best game ever for me. It's the only game that I've platniumed and I've completed it 5 times and NG+++.
    Guy's, give it a shot again, once you hit Anor Londo and defeated that boss, the game opens up to heaps of things. And dont think this is a single player game either, invite/invade people.

      lol casual

        Bet you are a havel wearing/mother mask wearing lightning zwei wielder.

    Why are they using a Dark Souls screenshot for an article about Demon's Souls? Or do they have bonfires in DeSo at some point? (I've only just started after having completed Dark Souls)

    I beat demon's souls for the first time today after loving dark souls. It's a great game, the sort you feel sad to finish.

    Dark Souls is an excellent game, anyone who says otherwise are just terrible at games. Including this casual tool.

      Same with Demons Souls.

    Demon's Souls is one of my favourite games ever, but it took me four hours and a complete restart before I had my "Oh, I GET this game now" moment.

    The attraction is the difficulty. Part of that is due to shit controls.

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