This Is The Ugliest 3DS Ever

It really, really is. It's horrendous. And I say this as someone who thinks both the 3DS and the Dragon Quest character Slime are well designed.

Starting May 31, this Ice White Nintendo 3DS is being bundled with the 3DS version of Dragon Quest Monsters, a 3D release of the 1998 Game Boy colour game.

The bundle is priced at ¥20,490 ($255), and the 3DS looks horrible — totally uninspired.

「ドラゴンクエストモンスターズ テリーのワンダーランド3D」は5月31日発売 [4Gamer]


    I find the design rather cute actually and I'm not even a dragon quest fan...

    Opinions are like assholes.

    And Brian sure is an opinion.

      +1. over and over again.

      Everybody has a Brian? O.o

    Apart from being white I like it

      everybody has an asshole and everybody has an opinion :P

    The picture itself looks ok... but I can see why you would think it would look bad on the actual physical 3DS.

    It would look better if the slimes were darker and it was in all black, white seems an odd choice.

    You know what is horrendous? Brian Ashcrafts journalism skills.

    I like it! I would also buy this if it came out in AU. Your opinions hurt my brain, next time with less 'ass' and more 'head'.

    Which is worse? An ugly 3DS, or an article about an ugly 3DS?
    Or the comment about the article about the 3DS? It's a cascade of mediocrity!

    I would buy this. I don't get what's wrong with it? it looks really cute.

    I dont get it. It looks snazzy to me.

    I think it looks alright, a lot better than most game themed consoles.
    I'm saying this and someone who played a little bit of one Dragon Quest game on DS.

    For the love of cyber jesus, I am so tired of these completely biased articles! A journalists job is required to bring informed and factual arguments, generally with an experience in the said article helps, as far as I can tell Brain doesn't actually have any experience in design, maybe being a biased ass, but nothing else.

    This should be under an opinion article not the "Nintendo" banner, just slandering the console. Or maybe you know... have a survey, then reflect on what people have to say, what people think of it!

    Somebody has to agree with Brian and it might as well be me.. A bunch of Slimes in a rectangle is art? Making 3 of them darker must have had the artists high-five-ing their boundless creativity.

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