This Is What Minecraft Looked Like On Its Very First Day

While Minecraft was only officially released a few months back, it's been available and playable for years. The thing is, most people who ever played the game played it later, after a ton of additions and improvements had been made.

Few ever got to see the game like this. This is what Minecraft looked like on May 19, 2009, the first day a build was made available for download over on the TIGSource forums.

PC Gamer have gone digging back through that original thread and found that the game's appeal was evident from the get-go, people posting mere minutes later things like "Oh hell, that's pretty cool. I just dig around in the ground a bit, and suddenly I'm in this underground cave! Great sense of exploration already."

The tone of what most people would do with Minecraft was also there to see barely an hour after it was made available.

"Here's a video of a castle I made"

The thread is still up for reading, it's interesting stuff!

Minecraft (alpha) [TIGSource, via PC Gamer]


    Personal FAIL - my world still looks like that :(

    You don't get those kind of FPS nowadays.


      and im getting around 160....

        Wait, I don't get that. A mid-range graphics card would get 160 fps in a source game on max settings, why is 1000 fps in minecraft unreasonable?

          Have you played Minecraft? Even though the game is undoubtedly unbelievable fun, it is a horribly optimised game. Personally, I blame the fact that its coded in java...

          I don't have a killer GPU, its only a GTX280 (a beast for its time), but im running this on 8GB Ram, and a Q9550 cpu, which is still pretty ok.

          I'd estimate frame rates to practically triple (at least) if coded under C and kept current look...

    YoU know, I know notch is a java man, but in all honesty, the game would run so much better if it was ported to C without question. Java is great and al, but it can be highly inefficient.

      But would it be as maintainable? And how would it run in a browser?
      You may well be right on the performance, but inefficient Java is usually due to inefficient programming rather than the language. The JVM can actually be quite a bit faster than most people think.

      Given that Minecraft runs at 160FPS for you, porting the code to C which is a massive task in itself would only create more issues.
      Making it cross platform would be a lot more difficult.
      Mods would have never come into the community like they did.
      Minecraft couldn't be embedded on websites either, which for the earlier versions is one of the reasons it became so popular.

      Minecraft runs fine on java. Although I have problems with java in general, the idea of porting it to C is nonsensical, especially just for a performance increase.

        I whole-heartedly agree with all your reasoning... Coding it in C is not an option at this point... it would require to much work to justify it.

        I'm thinking more along the lines of a possible, and highly probable sequel. Now that Mojang is an established developer, I believe they have the capacity to look at a complete rewrite for a sequel.

        Take Cube World for example. Its engine is more fluid, and more capable, and looks gorgeous in comparison to what current Minecraft can ever hope to be. Before I get flamed with comments saying graphics dont make a great game, i am clearly an advocate of this as i enjoy the shit out of minecraft and many othe indie games

        Perhaps with Wollay now on the team, they can hopefully take pages out of his book...

    Now imagine what minecraft would be like had Notch not fired his original Artist.

    An actually acceptable framerate?
    So the game was properly optimized at some point?
    I call BS

      160 fps is unacceptable?

        I wasnt saying 160fps was unreasonable... god no... im not retarded ¶:Þ I was merely responding to a comment made earlier about why attaining 1000fps is unreasonable given people can attain 100+ fps in a source game...

        Basically i think he was expecting that a game like minecraft, given its "blockiness" should be able to shoot the frame rate through the roof... I was just pointing out that if it were coded in a language like C, that may very well have been the case.

    if i stare at the featureless ground in this game I reach around 1000fps. its like looking at a static image is all.

    So Minecraft looked exactly the same on its first day of alpha as it does now?

      That was pre-alpha, actually.

        pre-indev, even.

          hey, if you add alpha versions in the 1.6 launcher, you can go back to where there was only grass, cobble, and you! it is kind of boring but super cool!

    This was based on an article posted on TIGSource on the 9th December. It takes 2 months for it to reach Kotaku.

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