This Teaser Probably Means That A New MechAssault Game Is On The Way

Day 1 Studio's currently running a 30-second clip on their site with a giant robot foot stomping into the ground. Odds are that this presages an announcement about a new giant-robot-suit combat game, since they're touting this as a return to their roots.

The Chicago-based collective last turned out the well-regarded FEAR 3 for Warner Bros. Interactive. The last MechWarrior game from Day 1 was 2004's MechAssult 2: Lone Wolf. That's eight whole years! Time for another one. We'll update this news as more info becomes available.



    they butchered the battletech license last time, they'll do it again.

    mechworrior online is the best its gonna get for mechworrior/battletech.

    hopfully its a game like heavy gear and not cashing in on the battletech universe.

      Sorry mate, I hate to do this but it's 'warrior' not 'worrior'. The former sounds like a badass who worries about everything all day long. :)

    Christ even if it is a Mechassault and not a Mechwarrior it'll still be amazing. I have great memories of Mechassault 2. That game was absolutely awesome in multiplayer.

    I would have thought a new Mechassault would have been a launch game for the 720.

    Either way, hell yeah!

    Ok so good news and bad news for you guys. There is a new mechwarrior game coming and this ain't it.

    First Mechwarrior Online is being released as a Free to Play multilayer focused PC exclusive this summer coming from Pirhana Games. The makers have been promising a return to the old PC style of Mechwarrior but you won't be playing this on console.

    Then theres this. While I don't know anything for sure, unless day 1 has sublet the rights to a mechassault from pirhana, this will not be a mechassault title. My guess is that they are going to leverage their experience working on mechassault 1 and 2 to create a completely new universe. As story telling has never been a real strength of day 1's I would temper my expectations.

    The REAL question for me is who is leading this thing? Is TJ Wagner still leading the charge at Day 1? I know Denny Thorley is still the business lead but who is their technical lead these days?

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