This Video Makes The World Of Amalur Seem A Lot Like The World Of Warcraft

This Video Makes The World Of Amalur Seem A Lot Like The World Of Warcraft

This video, released today by British site Zoomin.TV, shows us a side-by-side look at the world of recently released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and popular online game World of Warcraft. The two of them do seem to share some similarities when stacked up like this — some of the forests, deserts, and giant tree ramps (!) have a lot in common.

So did Amalur borrow a few ideas from the massively multiplayer online game? On one hand, it probably isn’t too hard to take two video captures of fantasy worlds and find a whole bunch of similarities.

On the other hand, I’ve never seen Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and World of Warcraft in the same room at the same time. Just saying.


  • Similar only as far as they are both of a cartoon art style. KOA:R looks way better. Bout time WoW ups the engine.Would certainly bring new life into an old game.

    • LOL What?

      You totally missed the point.

      WoW – MMO released in 2004
      KoA – Singleplayer RPG released in 2012

      Despite the 7+ year age gap, MMO graphics will always pale in comparison to what a singleplayer game can offer. I’m super duper dumbing it down here, but consider that every graphic file has to pass through the server. On a single player game (one user, server is totally local), that’s just one set of graphics that has to go through it, but with an MMO like WoW, where thousands of users are connected at once, trying to pass 1000 sets of KoA-like graphics through would be ridiculously taxing.

      The point was not that WoW’s graphics suck, it was that the landscapes between each are very very similar.

      • Um…did I miss something? Every graphics file through the server? That’s nuts – Surely the graphics are local and only the information of what’s happening to the non-static objects is passed through the server – otherwise what’s the point of 23gb of install for WOW + expansions? That aint 23 gig of gameplay…..

        • Yes, to be fair I did admit that I was dumbing it down. My point was that for each user, files have to be processed through the server, and the amount of processing increases in proportion to the number of users. I anchored it through graphics only because he used graphics as his example.

          • The graphics are rendered user side, the only thing that needs to be sent off to the server is player position/enemy positions etc. Not which way the grass is blowing(You could if you wanted to, but stuff like that isn’t priority 1 and a plan for the wind movement for the next 10 minutes could be sent once every 10 minutes(The game also doesn’t have to push data out for stuff like that, merely receive it.)

            There is a far bigger reason an MMO doesn’t have super tight graphics style. High level graphics are going to look worse and worse over time.

            WoW went with the art style it has for longevity not because it made the game look great.

            Combined with the fact that the lower the requirements the more people you can get in on your game. Which increases the chance of having a nice healthy population that will push your game forward

            If people uploaded their graphics to play these games no one below ADSL would ever be able to play them 😀

          • You’re way off. No graphics files are transferred from server to client during gameplay. The reason MMOs typically have poor graphics compared to other genres is that a) they generally offer a far larger range of customization options and b) they have to deal with lots more players and enemies on screen at once then most other games ever have to (except perhaps rts who tend to have similar level of graphics).

          • “b) they have to deal with lots more players and enemies on screen at once then most other games ever have to”

            This was literally my point. Maybe I explained it badly. In any case, i’m aware of how graphics work, I assumed that based on his direct comparison of these two titles that he did not, and thus tried to cater my explanation towards someone who had a lesser understanding of such matters. Apparently, others with knowledge in this area have been unable to make the jump between my explanation of many files having to go through servers, and ‘lots of users sending files through servers’. Apologies. :S

        • Just to throw my 2 cents in, but go check out how much better most newer MMORPGs look over WoW. Any justification why WoW’s graphics look terrible don’t apply when comparing them to newer MMO’s.

  • Yeah, it would look a lot like World of Warcraft…

    If, you know, they drank fifteen buckets of primary colours and shat them over a wet canvas.

    Amalur looks far more tasteful than WoW ever did.

  • This didn’t seem that much alike to me – I’m 90% sure almost all of those locations could have been pulled from Final Fantasy IX.

  • You could do the same thing with a lot of current gen FPS games… it’s mostly the art style. That said I’m surprised they didn’t include the Redridge Mountains clone, there’s literally a town in Amalur with an identical setup to the town in Redridge, same building placement, same bridge placement, same lake placement, same hill placement, it went a litttttle bit too far for me.

  • I thought the same thing when I started playing last week. I have always wanted a WoW looking game (with kind of the same game elements) but have it as a single player game. I got my wish and I am now content.

    Having said that, KOAR looks HEAPS better.

    • I totally agree. As soon as I started playing, I felt like I was running around Darnassus or something. Except the combat is better. Much better.

      Having been bitten by the WoW and Rift bugs before, I’m glad that there’s a MMO-like RPG without the devotion needed for an online subscription-based game, along with being idiot free (at least from my encounters on WoW lol).

  • Wow really. Those comparion’s are pretty bad the only one that deserves any real note is the tree with walking plank.

    The rest are just generic fantasy areas.

    The only thing that makes them comparable is the fact that amalur has the same art style as WoW albeit with the more modern capabilities

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