This Week In Evil DLC

This Week In Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it — but everyone buys it. Here’s a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

Final Fantasy XIII-2: “Sazh: Heads Or Tails?”

Available:February 28. Price: $US5 for an extra episode, $US3 for some new costumes.

What you get: Another episode that lets you take the title character, Sazh, into a story of his own running parallel to the main game. Upon completion, he’s available in the player’s party. There’s also a new card game in the casino, plus a couple of costumes for characters Noel and Serah.

Why it’s Evil: If I told you why this is really evil, I’d have to spoil the game. That’s evil. Suffice to say, those who have completed Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have unanswered questions, and I don’t think this — despite a name like “Heads or Tails?” is going to supply them.

Evil Score: 5/5. The fact I can’t warn you without ruining the ending is what makes this so goddamn diabolical. Also, $US3 for outfits? That’s ridiculous.

NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1

Available:February 21. Price: Who the hell knows? A news release put out February 7 didn’t even list a price.

What you get: Three more online challenges in the insane asylum (the game’s first level), two costumes for the main character, Bryce. and you get to play as cardboard cutout pop idol Nikki Summerfield, a candidate for this 2012’s most loathsome NPC.

Why it’s Evil: Let’s start with the fact the game is terrible. Second, this was announced a week after release, so not only did Rebellion make a bad game, they held stuff out of a bad game for sale later. Finally: Nikki Summerfield.

Evil Score: I’ll actually go 3/5 here because I think holding content out of NeverDead, in a backward way, is kind of a public service.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Celebrity Golfers

Available:March 29, when the game launches. Price: Free with pre-order from Amazon.

What you get: I’m not sure if EA Sports owes these guys a favour or the other way around. but it’s a set of four celebrity golfers available for play in any mode in the upcoming game. Hockey’s Jeremy Roenick, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, football hall of famer Marshall Faulk and Dwight Howard, the last human to star on the cover of an EA Sports basketball game, are included.

Why it’s Evil: This is already one of the most top-heavy games for downloadable content in all of video gaming, regardless of genre. No question EA Sports would gladly sell these guys in the online pro shop, which means they dangled this to a retail partner and Amazon did the deed. It’s disappointing that they put celebrity golfers in a game but not a celebrity event which we — ahem — just saw at Pebble Beach, a course that’s included in the title. That kind of thing would make this content actually have value.

Evil Score: 2/5. While not exactly valuable, this is still, technically, free.


  • Yeah this article made me laugh. Better take on the Kotaku review system of “Should you play this game: Yes, No, Maybe, Not Yet.”

    Speaking of evil DLC, did anyone buy the Robin or Nightwing Challenge Packs for Arkham City on XBL this week? Just wondering if that slightly evil DLC is slightly less evil due to the slight decrease in price for Deal of the Week.

    • Robin and Nightwing don’t have any dialogue whatsoever, yet the enemies have custom dialogue that refers to them (quite disappointing really, particularly since Robin has voiced dialogue in the main story). They aren’t overly different to Batman in how they operate. A fair comparison is the difference between Batman and Catwoman (although they are certainly closer to Batman overall). Their attacks are different though (particularly their special abilities in combat), and some of the attacks that hit multiple enemies do look impressive. The new maps they come with aren’t anything that are going to blow your mind, but I believe Robin has a side-scrolling combat level on a train that is quite unique, at least.

      Yup, I was one of the suckers who bought them as the Deal of the Week. I enjoyed the challenge maps though, so more options are a bonus for me. And I had some spare points that weren’t planned for anything else, so it wasn’t a big loss in that regard.

  • I can’t wait to see what you all say when more Call of Duty DLC comes out. I never seem to hear any complaints about it.

      • I must be looking in the wrong place. Nonetheless, I’m yet to meet a CoD player that has not purchased the DLC. You’d think if people refused to purchase it they’d get the message. Hell, people buy them anyway, no wonder it all continues.

        • Are you serious? “$15 for a map pack” is basically a meme for overpriced dlc. The fact that a lot of players will buy it, not withstanding.

        • I have played three CoD games (MW2, BlOps, MW3) and have so far bought DLC only twice for them – this was the two map packs for MW2, when they were on a half-price sale. It’s the only time I’ve ever seen a CoD map pack on sale and I was playing it quite a lot at the time so I felt it was worth it. My friends who played it all did the same thing. At full price we were all “no way”.

          Every time details of a map pack are released, in between the comments going “only kids play this” and “oh, look, is that CoD4, tee hee hee?” pretty much all the comments are complaining about how much it costs.

          Yet the packs are extraordinarily successful. And, to round out, I’ll just – ahem – leave this here:

          • Nice to see someone that hasn’t bought it all. Nonetheless, it’s pretty depressing how it’s always so successful, no lessons can be learned for Activision other than “Ha, they’ll buy them. MAKE MORE. Take ALL the money!”

            Which is why I haven’t bought MW3 and won’t buy another Call of Duty game again; they just don’t care.

  • I only buy DLC if its really worth the money, and there’s none in that list.

    Too be honest, about 90% of all DLC isn’t worth it because it’s stuff that should have been in the game in the first place and the worst part is more and more developers are announcing DLC before the game even comes out!

    And then we have Capcom who instead of making DLC they force us to buy an entire new game for stuff that should have been in the original release but they were too lazy to do that.

    • Undead Nightmare in Red Dead Redemption was well worth it. It’s the best DLC I can think of. Great use of the game to do something a bit different. It was a lot more like an old-school expansion pack than some sort of microtransaction like we typically see.

      • Rock Band is classic DLC done right. Undead Nightmare is also good. Other notable good DLC purchases include

        – The GTA episodes
        – infamous festival of blood
        – the LA Noire cases
        – Alan Wake episodes

      • True, it was like an expansion pack, but the problem is a lot of DLC is announced before the game comes out so I don’t see them as expansion packs anymore.

  • 13-2 is the last time I ever buy a game for full retail on release. Pre order and launch DLC, content released within a month of the games launch, poor QA. All because everything is connected online now. In 5 years we wont even have games like we used to know them, well have episodes of games. Final Fantasy 15: Episodes 1-3 etc….

    • Actually, I’ve got nothing wrong with that. Apart from Valve, I’ve had a good experience with episodic games. Monkey Island was fantastic in episodic form.

      The advantage of doing something episodically means if there’s something wrong with the game, they can fix it early, like the dialogue system in Monkey Island that was fixed in all future updates. Or the voice actor not being the same as the original lechuck voice actor, so they went and re-hired the old guy to do it.

  • “should’ve been in the game in the first place” is the stupidest phrase, it needs to die.

    DLC is like any other form of content, if you feel its worth it for the price, purchase it, if not, dont.

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