Ah, I thought, sipping a morning Pepsi Max, another easy day of ‘This Week In Games’ — wait a second… WHY ARE THERE HUNDREDS OF GAMES HERE! Oh, that’s right, the PS Vita is coming out this week. Alrighty then — let’s do this!

Army Corps Of Hell (PSV) What is it? An Action Strategy thingy. Should you care? Apparently it’s a bit tasty. Read our review!

Asura’s Wrath (360/PS3) What is it? A big buttony action beat em up. Should you care? I thought it was thoroughly entertaining.

Binary Domain (360/PS3) What is it? I don’t know too much about this, curse my ignorance. I remember it being an innovative third person shooter if there is such a thing. Should you care? I’d hold out for reviews.

Catherine (360/PS3) What is it? That game you wanted to play. Should you care? If you care, you care. If you know what I mean.

Cradle Of Rome 2 (3DS) What is it? There was a first one of these? Should you care? Sorry, pardon my ignorance, I have no idea.

Dynasty Warriors: Next (PSV) What is it? Yeah, it’s Dynasty Warriors. Should you care? I’m almost scared to slag off Dynasty Warriors, because it has its fans, but it’s not for me.

Everybody’s Golf (PSV) What is it? A usually polished, stripped back golf game. Should you care? I’ve had a lot of fun with these games in the past.

FIFA Football (PSV) What is it? Apparently one of the real gems of the PS Vita’s launch. Should you care? Absolutely.

Little Deviants (PSV) What is it? Dunno. Should you care? Dunno.

ModNation Racers (PSV) What is it? That game that’s quite good about racing. Should you care? I think it’s a pretty solid series.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (PSV) What is it? Port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma with extra stuff. Should you care? I think you could do better from the insane PSV launch line-up.

Reality Fighters (PSV) What is it? A fighting game using Augmented Reality. Should you care? Quite gimmicky, but a showcase for cool PSV features.

Ridge Racer (PSV) What is it? I’m not saying it. Should you care? It’s probably quite nice, but I haven’t seen it yet to be honest.

Tekken 3DS (3DS) What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin. Should you care? I’m not a huge Tekken fan, so probably not for me to judge…

The Last Story (Wii) What is it? The last game worth buying on Wii. Probably. Should you care? It’s a niche audience, but you may be part of that audience.

Touch My Katamari (PSV) What is it? It’s dat Katamari. Should you care? I’m sure it’s lovely.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PSV) What is it? Mahvel baby. Should you care? Yeah, if you like fighting games you should.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PSV) What is it? Probably the most important PSV release game. Should you care? Yeah. Pretty big deal.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (PSV) What is it? The Andy Murray simulator I’ve been waiting all my life for. Should you care? It’s alright.

Wargame: European Escalation (PC) What is it? Who is this guy? Who do you think you are crashing the PS Vita party? Should you care? GET OUT OF THE PS VITA HOUSE!

Wipeout 2048 (PSV) What is it? Sony bringing out the big guns. Should you care? I care.

Zumba Fitness Rush (360) What is it? No-one has yet been able to adequately explain Zumba to me, and I suspect they never will. Should you care? I honestly don’t know!

So what’s everyone buying this week? Who’s getting a Vita?


    • Yeah, it’s a bit weird, right?
      I think his system took a bit of a beating through the olive endeavour.
      Pepsi Max fuels his regeneration.

    • So Pepsi Max has “no sugar”, but it’s laced with caffeine, etc…

      I’ll never understand those that suggest that it’s too early for a fizzy drink, but those same people may have already had 2-3 coffees before 10am.

      Note – I not suggesting you are, but just raising a point.

        • Screw Science!!!!! :p (never had a full cup of coffee in my life)

          / Returns to being a social outcast and my precious fizzy drinks! 🙂

        • Oddly, the social convention is that if your a teenager or work in an office that allows casual attire, cola breakfast is perfectly acceptable.

        • But i don’t drink coffee or tea.

          So what does social convention dictate i drink other than something fizzy.

          Juice, bah things others call healthy is really liquid poison

      • Yep. I hate coffee so if I want caffeine in the mornings (hells yes, I do) then I have a Coke Zero. It helps that I’m mildly lactise-intolerant so I can’t have cereal and milk for breakfast if I don’t want to feel nauseous. Coke goes well with things like toast, bacon, eggs but with cereal and milk? Eww. 😛

        • I concur, I don’t drink coffee, so for morning tea it’s usually a sandwich and pepsi max for morning tea, to keep me going through the day.

    • Oh, caffine fixes are glorious, don’t get me wrong.

      I’m jsut not sure why, to me, the idea of fizzy drinks at breakfast seems…wrong. Maybe it’s the bubblyness of them, and my tastebuds aren’t awake enough to handle it?

  • I hope Binary Domain gets good reviews, the demo was pretty impressive. Even if it was full of racist stereotypes. They even had a French robot who couldn’t stop from acting “snooty”.

    • That one came out at my from nowhere. Game wasn’t even on my radar but I downloaded the demo anyway. Really neat game.

      I couldn’t help but think while playing the demo that this is what that terrible Terminator Salvation tie-in game was intended to be like.

  • I think there are a few more on the PSV list that are missing, Rayman and Lumines are a couple off the top of my head.

    Pick ups…
    Vita, Touch My Katamari, Everybody’s Golf, WipEout 2048, Lumines, Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaaaaaacer! (Free, but probably trade back seeing as it’s half a game)

    I’ll wait for Uncharted to drop a level in price, and there are a few others that I would consider in the future on the Vita front, will also need to pick up Catherine at some point also.

    Wallet Am Die!

  • Poor poor, PS Vita.

    I would actually like to see it succeed but alas i feel it will struggle just like the 3DS until there is a price drop and a true system seller game or 2.

    I’ll give them credit for a better variety of launch games than the 3DS but the price is what will kill it.

  • MGS3D has a US release tomorrow (or so I’ve read), and I’m praying to the PlayAsia gods my preordered US copy gets shipped immediately. In which case I should have it by the end of the week.
    Vita, MGS3D – my poor, poor weekend.

  • I dont really care what anyone says on here – BUT – IM GETTING A VITA THURSDAY! Cant-FREAKING-WAIT! Got a 3G Vita Uncharted, Wipeout and Unit13 preordered!! Its going to be awesome……

  • The real shame is that Mortal Kombat is a PSV seller right there (for me at least) and it would prolly be banned like the PS3 version! is the PSV region free so I could do some fancy importing?

  • I soooooo want a vita!

    It’s ok.. i’m patient, at least 😀

    Can’t wait to see how this things goes. i honestly wish people would stop being such nay-sayers, and rather just wish the handheld “all the best”.
    If it fails, it fails, if it becomes a smash-shit, then YIPPIE – but until one or the other happen maybe people should actually throw their support behind it for the good of the future of the industry.

  • Big week of spending this week

    This week I will be picking up

    Army Corps

    Little Deviants (yes really, I gather it will have easy trophies)

    Reality Fighters (yes I know its supposedly crap, but again easy trophies…and trade in fodder)

    Rayman Origins (I liked what I played off the PS3 Demo, seems like the perfect game for a handheld so I held off and waited)

    Lumines (what is a Sony handheld without Lumines?)

    Modnation Racers (disapointed as all hell that there is no online for it though)

    Uncharted Golden Abyss – Already have it and have it Platinumed (from the Japanese system)

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Already got the Vita version

    Virtua Tennis 4 – Already got the Vita Version

    Tekken 3DS – MIGHT pick it up, if I can find it somewhere for a cheap price

  • If I had money to throw away I’d throw it at the Vita because the hardware certainly looks fantastic and it has potential.

    But for now I am relying on couple of competitions I have entered to win one.

  • All this Vita excitement has got me in the right mood for the next gen console season. I love that feeling of going to the store and buying a new console, the promise of a new generation of games.

  • It’s funny people have been saying the software line-up for the Vita is underwhelming, that little list above actually seems pretty damn good.

    • I think that was at the time when the PSV was launched in Japan late last year.
      The retail prices for the games are still a bit high tough :$

  • I am buying a Vita this week, I’ve already pre-ordered it plus Ridge Racer (was also the first game I bought for the 3DS, so I want to see how it compares) but I’m open to buying another game but I don’t know which one (not Uncharted)

    well all this topic needs now is for Chazz to appear to ignite another derailing argument as to whether the PSP is a successful console.

  • Hooray, Vita launch! I am so there!

    Ridge Race, Ninja Gaiden, Blazblue, Uncharted and probably Everybody’s Gold for me. So freaking excited!

  • The Last Story is doing a good job of flying through under the radar. Now, to get it from JB for $89… or $36 from OzGameShop (using some points for $10 off)

  • What is it? The last game worth buying on Wii. Probably.

    Not true! There’s Pandora’s Tower coming in a month or two as well.

    • Woohoo I’ll own 2 games on Wii…

      The list forgot Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen or I missed reading it 3 times in a row.

  • I’m a tad confused… you say uncharted for vita is something I should care about, but you guys ran an article not too long ago saying “No” on the “should you play this review” … mixed msgs O_o ‘

    I understand that Kirk and Mark may have differing opinions, but if it’s a “Kotaku” review anything else said about the game should be consistent.

    • It’s one of the most important launch titles for the Vita, so you should care about it. I guess that doesn’t mean you should automatically buy it. Read some reviews and watch some videos.

  • I’m eyeing off Tekken 3DS – I’m at the point where really fighting games are starting to look and play all the same but I could be convinced to go a few rounds with a handheld Tekken with online play…

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