Thug PSP Thief Facing 'Long Time In Prison'

Last August, the shameful attack on Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq — carried out as part of the riots sweeping London at the time — captured the attention of the world and left him with a broken jaw and a stolen PSP.

Haziq received small consolation at the time, being given a free PSP and some games by Sony and Namco Bandai, but got some more this week when a British court convicted one of his attackers, Beau Isagba, who will now face "a long prison sentence".

Found guilty of charges of grievous bodily harm and robbery, Judge Witold Pawlack said "He is facing a long prison sentence and there is no reason that I can see why he should remain on bail now."

Bad Samaritan jailed [Daily Mail, via VG247] Man has Jaw Broken, PSP Stolen During London Riots [Kotaku]


    Good. Hope the bastard gets his jaw broken in prison, and worse.

    whats the point. the thug will go to prison to emerge an ever bigger thug and bastard, only to go on and hurt more people, perhaps even murder.

    I'm not suggesting that he escape punishment but prison is a school for criminals and achieves nothing. Hell the drugs and sex you can get in prison far exceeds that on the outside. Sure its no cake walk but sating our revenge on pointless punishments isn't justices. Its just revenge.

    Society needs to rethink how we go about achieving the outcome of ensuring crimes against people aren't committed in the first place.

      And how would you suggest we do that, hey?
      Pointless idealism is all you seem to be suggesting.

      You can't prevent crime - it will always be present, regardless of scale. Some people are just born criminals, and others grow up to be such via outside influences.

      Even IF you can stamp out poverty roberies will still exist. It's human nature.

      This guys deserves jail. Seperation from those he might actually care about. Being forced to deal with those who treat him as he treated others.

      Prison has never been solely rehabilitative. The punitive aspect has always included a strong deterrent effect in its underlying philosophy. That's why anyone who's been will tell you they're not nice places. Some folks can understand the higher concepts of right and wrong and prove amenable to re-education to reform their behaviour... others are animals that just need to get put the hell out of our way. Over and over, if need be. Until we establish that utopian starfleet society where we have the luxury of being able to come up with optimal preventative strategies to target causes of unacceptable behaviour without having to factor in economic and logistic realities, this is what you get.

      Also, revenge tastes great.

      How can you make such a comment and provide no evidence, no research and no solution.
      Your the guy who points out what is wrong with everything but will walk away from the issue.

      Execute the bastard instead. If it is likely he'll just offend again when he's out, just remove the scum from the planet.

    That guy is a prime example of some of the filth that plagues humanity. Dont worry, he'll be able to steal plenty of PSP's after some slight rectal modifications in prison! :)

    Takes 4 guys to mug one tiny guy. Cowards.

    Karma is a bitch.

    I hope this guy gets shanked in prison. Not enough to kill him but enough times that he lives in constant agony for the rest of his life. People like this scum deserve to suffer for what they have done.

    Too bad the U.K definition of 'long sentence' is similar to Australias. Hell be out in less than 3 years, or ill eat my cat.

    The irony is that eating your cat will get you 4 years.

    It was assholes like this that convinced me to move to Aus from the UK.
    Unfortunately he'll have the time of his life in uk prison and will likely get better treatment from the uk government than the victim!!!
    But i hope he gets raped there....fingers crossed!!!

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