Tim Schafer Turns To Kickstarter To Fund Game

Tim Schafer, the founder of Double Fine Productions best known for games like Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island, Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, has turned to crowd-funding service Kickstarter to fund an adventure game.

In a statement to Double Fine fans, Schafer wrote:

Publishers tell us that adventure games are dead. Our fans tell us they aren’t. Who is right? Well, I think it’s about time we found out! Into the THUNDERDOME!


Kickstarter allows regular people to pool their money to make awesome things happen.

While no details have been released on what the adventure game will be or what shape it will take, those who make premium pledges will be rewarded with the following:

Pledge $15,000 or more: Dinner with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $20,000 or more: Dinner and BOWLING with Tim Schafer and key members of the dev team.

Pledge $30,000 or more: Picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $35,000 or more: Undoctored picture of Ron Gilbert smiling.

Pledge $50,000 or more: Become an actual character in the game.

Pledge $150,000 or more: Tim Schafer (that’s me) will give last four remaining Triangle Boxed Day of the Tentacles, in original shrink-wrap.” (Limit of 1) (Holy crap, what am I thinking? I only have four of those!)

To our knowledge, this is the first time a studio of the size and scale as Double Fine has turned to a crowd-funding site to fund their project. We wish Schafer the best of luck!

Visit the Double Fine Kickstarter page here.


    If he can promise he'll use the money to make Day of the Tentacle 2 I'll donate.

    Holy crap, 5 figure premium pledges? I'm not too familiar with kickstarter, but I would've thought that sounds like a hell of a lot.

      You can make smaller pledges, although I guess if they didn't have premium pledges it would take A LOT longer to reach their goal.

        I think it's a min of $15

          Actually, I think the minimum is $1. But you won't get any reward unless you pay $15 or more.

          $1 is a minimum pledge but you don't get anything unless you spend at least $15

      Those are joke pledges. Like, a photo of Ron Gilbert smiling is worthless (although an undoctored one is quite valuable provided they provide a COA). Go through to the Kickstarter page to see the actual pledges. $10k is the highest reward bracket.

        If you read the "Pledge $10,000 or more" you'll see it refers to the doublefine website for the higher premium pledges.

    great idea we can all be apart of making a game

    So what's @notch up to then?

    lol pay them money for a game and then have them use some of that money to treat you.

      Yes? It's a very common system for fundraising drives on kickstarter and rockethub. It's not unlike buying a raffle ticket for charity with the possibility of winning a car.

    You're basically buying the game before it comes out. This is a win-win for everyone.

    I paid $30. I'm pumped to see this happen.

    Day of the tentacle 2, Full throttle 2 and Grim fandango 2 please.

    A new IP would be great as well. I have complete confidence in you double fine.

    If I had the disposable income I would seriously love to go bowling with Tim Schafer.

    That would be awesome.

    $15 for a Tim Schafer game (when it's made)?
    I'm in.

    If you'll allow me to be pedantic for a minute, Schafer didn't start at Lucas Arts until a couple of years after Maniac Mansion was released.

    He is, however, well known for its sequel Day of the Tentacle.

      Actually he did work on the NES version of the game, apparently.

    Pledged $30.. can't wait for another Tim Schafer adventure game!

    They're going to get the $400,000 easily. The pledges have risen around $50,000 in the last 20 minutes

      They're 1/4 of the way there inside of 2 hours. This is going to be a well funded game, hopefully that means good quality game :P

    I'm in for a pineapple.

    It's also quite hypnotising watching the pledge count go up as fast as Chrome can auto refresh the page.

    hahahahaha somebody has taken the > $10,000 pledge

    I hope they are going bowling

      Notch announced on Twitter that he bought the $10000 pledge but he chose the painting so someone else could get the lunch and tour.

    I will pledge all the money I have to make Brutal Legend happen...

    ...all 50 cents of it.

      Brutal Legend 2* sorry.

    As of 9:15pm, the $400,00 target has been reached.

    I just realised Kickstarter is going to make AT LEAST twenty grand off this (they charge a 5% fee)
    No wonder they're promoting it everywhere...I don't know how this makes me feel.

      Well to be fair they are doing a pretty important part of the work for Double Fine/2 Player. They're essentially charging $2 per transaction they've handled and I'd imagine there's a fair bit of work to be done there (even a completely automated system still requires work).

      I'm sure they'll make out like bandits on this project in advertising their service alone, but it's not like some smooth talker from Kickstarter convinced them to give them a 5% cut for doing nothing.

    I'm much more interested in Psychonauts 2 instead of a Ipad/phone adventure game. I love the adventure game genre, but the point and click mechanics really hold it back, and besides touch screens are giving me RSI.

    Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert making an new adventure game!

    Shutp and take my MONEY!!

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