Tim Schafer's Adventure Project Shatters Kickstarter Records

Grim Fandango creator Tim Schafer has broken Kickstarter records for highest number of backers and most funds raised in 24 hours, the website said today. The adventure project currently has over $US660,000 and more than 16,000 backers. [Kickstarter]


    Ignoring the fact that this seems to be just a picture, the fund is now over $840,000.

    That's in 24 hours. It would be definitely be worth keeping an eye on who else decides to pursue this method of funding.

    Personally, I'm of two minds about this. It's nice to see fans of Double Fine rallying to support Shafer, but I can't help but wonder if this will become the norm. Developers relying on the generosity of consumers to fund a game, then buying the game when it's released.

    I'm not 100% on the workings of Kickstarter, but something about established Devs double dipping from consumers, without investors to repay doesn't sit entirely right with me.

      The interesting part will be when the sales figures come out after the game is released. Everyone who pitched in more than $15 gets a free copy of the game, however since it was player funded there's no real loss for Double Fine.

        EXACTLY! They just get to MAKE a game, no strings attached!

        If this became the norm, which it could, we could see a lot more games without the backing from monster publishers beckoning & stomping on great developer studios. This needs to happen more!

    I love everything about this story, the idea that this could become a trend where players are able to direct fund development of the games they would like to see (the smaller ones at least) is incredibly exciting. Helps to keep the games pure and creatively free without the burden of a big business publisher.

      So what if the game turns out to be crap?

      What about the next guy/crew that tries this approach. once they have your money they don't have as much incentive to make sure the game is awesome.

      I mean normally they have to try otherwise they don't get money this way they get their money first.

      I've backed things on kickstarted before, but those had a product for me to back. This sort of thing is me backing the prospect of a product. doesn't sit well with me.

        You should probably read this article:

        Tom and Double Fine basically just shifted the Publisher/Developer relationship to Fanbase/Developer. They will still do business as usual. It's just the money comes from future buyers instead of capital investors.

          Tim* >.<

          Also in this case they've got their reputation to lose. If they run away, do half-baked efforts or deliberately displease fans they're toast. Possibly forever.

            completely agree, i don't think there will be any problems at all with this project. but down the line i see alot of tears.

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