True Crime Gets A New Name, Lets Sleeping Dogs Lie

True Crime Gets A New Name, Lets Sleeping Dogs Lie

After the True Crime reboot was canned, Square Enix brought the Activision title, back from the dead. However, as Kotaku reported back in Aug. 2011, the game, then True Crime: Hong Kong, would not bear the name True Crime.

Today, in Hong Kong, Square Enix revealed that the game is now known as Sleeping Dogs. Pictured is the game’s new logo.

Sleeping Dogs is headed to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this August.

@FS_Gamer at #Playstation Destination [FS_Gamer via Eurogamer]


  • I’m actually very happy for this as some of the previous game-play and trailers for True Crime: Kong Kong actually looked really good. Good to see that SE is going to roll with it and i’m hoping they havent made to many changes.

  • after many of my hours spent on true crime ny i couldn’t get enough of it and to hear that they made true crime 3 and was cancelled really upset me, i had my hope up high but too see this game be brought back from the dead, i have my head high and a massive thanks to squire enix for saving this game!

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