Turns Out Pokémon's Diglett Is A Cthuloid Hell-Monster

Ignorance is bliss — an adage worth keeping in mind for any Pokémon trainer. If you've subdued, captured, and you're now deploying a faithful Diglett, just don't ask questions. Picture its subterranean sections being identical to the cute upper-torso you see sprouting above the earth so cutely.

Of course, for you trainers who simply cannot bear to have the wool pulled over your eyes, for those of you who need the truth like a Squirtle needs water… Well, scroll on down, but know that you'll never be the same.

Image: Nellie Melton via Reddit)


    I'll never look at Diglett the same again...

    So a Dugtrio would be 3 times as worse?
    Because this isn't so bad.

    Slowtaku strikes again

    slight overkill IMO. I would have stopped at the crown, the skull etc seems like it's too fake to be worth it

    His butt looks like a Stalfos

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