Unofficial Call Of Duty Elite Slogan Is Just A Joke

Unofficial Call Of Duty Elite Slogan Is Just A Joke

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg jokingly announced a new slogan for Call of Duty: Elite today.

Call of Duty Elite: It’s not a douche move.

That’s as of some time in September when a guy who was rallying people back in the spring to boycott the world’s first subscription service for Call of Duty changed his tune. That guy, not Hirshberg, passed that revised judgment.

Hirshberg talked about Elite’s rocky road at the DICE Summit out here in Las Vegas. What was supposed to simply be a popular, payment-optional add-on for CoD was a controversial, and well-hated thing in mid-2011. Then Activision explained what Elite entailed — and how much of it would be free for everyone.

So, yeah, the slogan’s just a joke. All’s well.

But… funny how he didn’t mention that once Elite launched it was a debacle again. Only recently has Activision straightened things out, after a fall full of Elite inoperability.

A rocky road indeed.

(You know what else was rough, readers? My photo-taking for this story. Sorry about the blurriness of the lead image!)


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