Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Sweetheart

The last time I posted links to Valentine's Day cards a few readers cried lonely tears. Well, let me say right now that Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. For example, this Valentine's Day I'm going to feed my dog a whole bunch of cookies and we're going to frolic in the grass together. I will probably make my puppy a card, too. So here are some gift ideas for your significant other (or the adorable canine of your heart).

Love Mage made of polymer clay - $US14 - Nothing says "I love you" like a faceless cloaked thumb carrying a heart it found in the woods. All messages of love, compliments, and sweet nothings will henceforth be delivered to their recipients via cloaked thumbs. I mean Love Mages.

Heart-shaped Companion Cube Neclace - $US27 - Is it wrong that the first thing I think about when I see companion cubes is that they are all eventually euthanised? Man, that's kind of depressing. Although perhaps once a relationship has run its course (like when a cube has run its use), you can throw it into a pit of flames! Yes! Think of all the meanings! Oh man!

Angry Birds Cross Stitch - $US15 - Nothing tells a love interest My Body Is Ready like cross-stitching. Nothing.

Zelda Life Meter Necklace - $US13 - Are the hearts half-full or half-empty? Perhaps it's time you guys had a talk.

Angry Birds Iron-On Patch - $US11.99 - Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to surprise the people you really care about. That hole she has in her distressed Ksubi jeans? Patch it right up with this Angry Birds applique and she will be thrilled when she sees it. That gangsta symbol on his cap? Do him a favour and patch right over it. If you love them you will do this.

That's my short and silly list for this Wednesday afternoon. What Valentine's Day gifts would you recommend for a geeky sweetheart? Throw your suggestions into the comments!


    All I have is a Guinea Pig! If I gave him something he would attempt to eat it!

    *Runs off sobbing*

      I should probably have added that that Love Mage is adorable.

      Maybe you should give your Guinea Pig some chocolates, then it would eat it, and that would be the desired outcome. And then <333

        I think it would have to be grass. Given I imagine chocolate could well kill it.

          lol this.

          I think Tracey is trying to kill your guinea pig off.. =(

          Grass! Easy to please.

          Give it a heart-shaped carrot. :)

          But chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Grass... not so much. I guess it depends what you're hoping to get out of your guinea pig.

            Or what your hoping to put into your guin...

            I'll let myself out.

            *closes door*

        And it's stomach couldn't process the chocolates and it would die........happy valentines day

    Bee and I agreed not to do anything this year, our 5 year aniversary is in april, so it's kinda pointless.

    BUT, for that i am definitely doing something in the theme of limbo, as it's the only game we have ever really played together.

      Also - that mage is pretty awesome

      Don't follow Tracey's advice, she'll just be like "Limbo has bear traps, you should give Bee one of them, in the face." or "Limbo has a giant spider, everyone loves giant spiders!"

      *Whispered* She's trying to kill off our loved ones.

        I am going to sue you for saying those things about me. I will sue you right now!

          Bahaha. :P

            ...but i was going to give her a bear trap in the face...

            /surpriseruined :(

              Bee will *love* that.

                Well she would have if you guys hadn't have ruined it..
                now i'm going to have to throw mean shadow children to throw rocks at her...

      I'm in the same boat but mine is even closer.
      i thought about the bear trap but she has already 'advised' me that I could get this

    That heart appears to be 3/5 full.
    The relationship is safe for the time being.

    dammit other than the necklace all is in my valentines price range shame the wife would probably kill me if i got any of these

    I don't get valentines day. I don't find it romantic at all.

      It's not romantic. It's about an expectation of romance. It's about a culturally-mandatory no-lose-scenario for women to exploit/enjoy at their leisure. You either meet expectations and they're happy or you recieve punishment/exile and they're happy. In some cases both can occur.

      also, don't get advice from David Jaffe, he's apparently quite terrible at it.

    Valentines day? Steak and Blowjob day!

    Love mage is awesome. Clicking through reveals something not awesome:

    "I am on vacation until Saturday the 11th. Feel free to make a purchase but please note it will not ship until Monday the 13th."

    If it's not killing our loved ones with chocolate or bear traps, it's getting ourselves killed by using the old "I ordered it online and it hasn't arrived yet" story.

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