Valve Toys, Half-Life Toys, TF2 Toys, Get A Look At Them Right Here

Kotaku was at the New York Toy Fair this weekend in full effect, snapping photos, taking footage and just generally gawking at all the awesome new video game toys that'll be lining up for your disposable incomes in 2012.

The highlight for me? NECA's Valve gear. Including the Gordon Freeman action figure to end all Gordon Freeman action figures.

You can check out a sampling of the stuff NECA had on show below, including Team Fortress 2 plushies, Portal guns, Left 4 Dead figures and the Freeman himself. Who is looking glorious.

If you're wondering why all their legs are missing, these are actually stills from our video footage of the event, most of which will be going live tomorrow. I just figured this stuff was too good to wait for!


    The Gordon figurine comes with a voice activated button. Hard to tell when it's broken and there's no sound or not.

      What's the point of a 'voice activated button'?

        That's the joke...

          I don't think you know what you're actually joking about. His point was that a voice activated button isn't a button... a button is finger activated... while your joke is about Gordon not having a voice and thus having no need for a button.

          But yeah, fail joke. :P

            The voice is activated by a button, but Gordon doesn't speak, so when you press it he says nothing. That was the joke.

              Everyone gets the joke you were trying to make, however "voice activated button" means the button is activated by voice.

                I like jokes.

                  Me too, like the one Gordon Freeman told me about the voice activated button.

    It kind of looks like Gordon Freeman is wearing chain mail amongst his HEV suit o.O

    But these look awesome.

    Would of been better if the Gordon Freeman doll was just a arm with a crowbar floating in midair.

      ^^ This.

    All TF2 toys will be customisable with an array of interchangable hats :P

      priced at $15each.

        Absolute win! ^

    AH its a sign HL3 MUST be coming soon.

      People will start decoding the barcodes & serial numbers on the different items trying to decipher the release date for HL3.

      Must also be a sign of Portal 3 and L4D3! :o

    Are they seriously going to sell half a Boomer? I mean I get it, but at the same time, REALLY???

      I'm going to assume that the Boomer comes with a removable upper least I hope so.

    That life size portal gun is as good as sold.

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