Valve Trolls Valentine’s Day With $100 Team Fortress 2 DLC

Valve Trolls Valentine’s Day With $100 Team Fortress 2 DLC

Team Fortress 2 developers Valve have put together “the most accurate simulation of an actual Valentine’s Day gift ever made available to the public”, and today made it available as an in-game item to owners of the multiplayer shooter.

That simulation comes in the form of a $US100 diamond engagement ring, which Valve admits is “basically useless”. It can only be gifted, and once sent to a player, if it’s accepted, the entire TF2 community will get a message broadcasting the engagement. Both players will then be wearing the ring on their in-game models.

So it’s only basically useless, not entirely useless! It can, if someone actually pays up, be heart-warming. And also a useful experiment to test just when, and how, people will stop buying superfluous shit for this game.

Happy Valentine’s Day! [Valve]


  • Believe it or not I’ve had reports of 10 people at least buying this. 1000 dollars for essentially nothing to Valve.
    These guys are either pure geniuses or people just like wasting money

    • Only 10? Jump onto a server and you’ll get a notice every 5-10 minutes. It’s been happening all day long. Valve are raking it in.

  • God damnit people STOP BUYING SHIT FROM MANN CO!!!!

    No wonder Valve isn’t putting development time into bringing out HL3, HL2EP3, L4D3 etc etc. Why waste money/resources on THAT when they essentially have the equivalent of an entire development company’s income coming in through the Mann Co Store!!! :@

    • Implying that everyone at Valve is focused on TF2.. a likely story.

      Really, TF2 is free now and even before that it was only $20 odd.. for the amount of time people have, and continue to, put into playing the game makes it pretty hard to argue against the validity of the Mann Co store.

      No one is forced to buy the junk from there. I would have spent about $50 in the store in my TF2 days, and for the 1500 hours I spent with the game its easily justified.

      The infrastructure is there, so adding a model of a diamond ring is probably only a few hrs work for one person. Also, nearly all the new content being added to the game now is community made.

      You should be embracing the store because Valve is making a tonne of money that they can then use to invest in HL3 and other new IP.

        • That’s not how companies work, for a company to last a while, it must invest any obtained revenue into future sources of revenue, therefore most of the mann co store money needs to go to future projects for Valve to be financially viable.

  • At least their hilariousness honest. It’s the “buy this insane thing… WE DARE YOU” not “Buy this because we honestly think it’s a good idea and necessary”

    • Did you read the supplied post on the TF website? I get the feeling they’re actually seriously marketing this. Yes, they admitted it’s useless, but judging by the language of the post they’re certainly not saying “You don’t need this, you’re an idiot for buying this”.

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