Skyrim's Creation Kit Launches Tuesday

The very fancy, highly anticipated Creation Kit for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be out this Tuesday, Bethesda's Pete Hines has revealed.

"For our Skyrim PC fans, the Creation Kit is on track for release on Tuesday," Hines wrote on Twitter. "And, we also have a special surprise with it."

That special surprise may already have been spoiled by fans digging through code, as mention of what could well be an official high-resolution texture pack has been found.

Which would definitely qualify as a special surprise.

@DCDeacon [Twitter] Skyrim Creation Kit landing on February 7th for the PC, "special surprise" to accompany its release [Reddit]


    What about the 1.4 patch for consoles?

      Ha! Skyrim on consoles what a joke.... sorry

    Yup found them here, no joke:

    Happy gaming!

    I'm currently playing Oblivion (not bothered with Skyrim yet) with the 3gb POOP mod compilation installed, and it's incredible. Really shows how BAD and consoley vanilla Oblivion is. Though of course X amount years of retrospect does that.

    Still, having non-level scaling enemies and true lighting (no more self lit dungeons) makes for compelling gameplay.

      Heh heh. "Poop".

    Just enough time to model penis swords, penis helmets and penis dragons!

      With enough Jigglebones to rival most kinds of jelly.

    People at Skyrim Nexus claim the surprise is an Official Hi Res Texture pack based on some steam info they found.

    Should be good either way.

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